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Time to plan that vacation you’ve been dying to take, but where should you go? Instead of just picking a popular vacation spot, why not pick a spot that is better suited to your tastes and personality? No location is the ideal vacation spot for all people, so find what fits your style so you can have the best possible vacation!

If you are easy-going, and go with the flow…

You should take a tropical beach vacation. While this is a popular vacation for all, you’ll get the most satisfaction from this trip. You enjoy the relaxing sound of the waves, and the care-free lifestyle that is found in the little beach towns. No schedule no problem? Time does not seem to exist at the beach. And a little sand in your shoes doesn’t cause any harm.

Recommended spots to visit: Take a trip to the Bahamas, or along the coast of Florida. Here you can find the laid-back atmosphere, tropical drinks, and beautiful sandy beaches on the ocean that will make for the ultimate beach vacation.

You prefer order, function, and strict schedules…

Wasting a full day dozing off at the beach sounds like your worst nightmare. You would rather make the most of your day by visiting some cool locations, and planning your time accordingly. You like to budget your time, money and itinerary, so a vacation in a spot with lots to do and that offers easy transportation options will help you stick to your schedule and get the most out of your vacation.

Recommended spots to visit: A city vacation, to Chicago, or St. Louis, will be a great place for you to stick to schedules, and move at a quick pace like you are used to. You will feel right at home with the city slickers.

You are a risk-taker and enjoy adventure…

You enjoy being active, and taking a risk to try something new, so a vacation spots with places to explore and enjoy some extreme sports will be exactly what you’ve been dreaming of. From skiing down the diamond slopes to surfing the high tides, there is nothing that will stop you, so you need a place where you can stay busy.

Recommended spots to visit: Lake Tahoe, or the Smoky Mountains, can be great places to explore, from hiking, camping, and even skiing during the winter, there is lots to do in these spots for outdoorsy and adventurous folks.

You are quiet and reserved, and enjoy your alone time…

Nothing sounds worse to you than crazy-packed theme parks, or a bustling beach town full of college students, and families with crying children. You want your vacation to be simple, quiet, and relaxing. A calm place, with a small population will serve you the best.

Recommended spot to visit: A vacation in Tahiti will be the perfect spot for you to enjoy your solitude, and relax in peace, yet still enjoy the beauty of the beach and the island.

You thrive off excitement and take pleasure in doing new things…

You are constantly going, and jam-packing your schedule, but you wouldn’t have it any other way! You want your vacation to match your high-energy personality, so a vacation to a spot with lots of things going on and lots of people to interact with will be the best-fit for you.

Recommended spots to visit: A vacation in Las Vegas, Orlando, or even the Wisconsin Dells, will bring you the constant excitement you are looking for with theme parks, attractions, bars, casinos, and people to interact with. These places are constantly filled with excitement and fun, so even the most stir-crazy travelers will be satisfied with a trip to one of these fun-packed spots.

You are unconventional and quirky, and prefer to take the road less traveled…

You tend to steer clear of big theme parks, and the overrated vacation spots. Instead, you opt for lesser traveled spots, and quaint towns with small-town charm and an artsy trend. A quaint beach town, or lesser traveled resort town suits your taste much better than the overpopulated tourist locations.

Recommended spots to visit: East coast beach tourist towns, like Williamsburg, Virginia have lots of cool things to check out like quaint shops and small towns that are not commercialized and are almost unknown to the public. You can have a cute trip here that none of your friends have ever had before.


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