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You’re gathering up the entire family and heading out for a vacation. Now where should you go?

It can be hard to find a place that pleases everyone. From Grandpa to the tots, you have a wide variety of ages, and tastes in fun activities, so you need a vacation that will suit all tastes.

For a vacation that sits well with the whole family, check out these travel spots for all generations:

Cancun, Mexico

Warm weather, white sand beaches, and a care-free atmosphere is something all generations love to experience on vacation. Cancun will bring you all of that, plus lots of exciting attraction, highly-rated restaurants, and bars. The nightlife of Cancun is exciting, but while the adults go out, the kiddos have lots of fun options back at the resort, like kids clubs, and even day-care options at some of the all-inclusive resorts. Here, you can please the whole family, and get some time to enjoy yourself as well, without having to worry about watching your children the whole time. Everyone deserves a little time off on vacation!

Washington, D.C.

When traveling with the family, a trip to a rich, historical spot will be the perfect destination for a fun, yet educational experience. Here, your family can bond, and the older generations share their knowledge and pride of our great country with the young ones, making it a fun and pleasurable time you will always remember. With so many awesome museums like the Smithsonian Institution, and the National Museum of American History, as well as esteemed parks like the President’s Park, your family will keep busy and experience an educational and entertaining vacation.

Sedona, Arizona

The dry heat feels great and the lack of humidity sits well with both the great-grandparents, and the little ones. In Sedona, your family will love the weather, and the atmosphere, as well as all the wonderful activities to do. Here your family can hike and climb through the desert and canyons, or take a rafting ride down the Colorado River. If a more relaxing vacation is your style. There are spas, and resorts with great pools to enjoy a day soaking up the sun and splashing around with the family. With a good balance of relaxation and excitement, Sedona makes for a great destination the whole family will enjoy.

San Antonio, Texas

This tourist hot-spot is a favorite for many reason, from the delicious barbecue to the awesome parks and resorts, there are plenty of places and things that everyone will enjoy. There is also the grand Riverwalk, which features little shops, bars, and restaurants. The whole family can enjoy a boat ride down the river, and dine together at one of the fabulous restaurants along the Riverwalk. San Antonio is gorgeous and full of fun things to do, so it is a guaranteed spot for all ages to enjoy.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Between the beach and the boardwalk, you could not ask for a more perfect vacation spot than Myrtle Beach. This popular tourist spot is fun for all ages, with the long public beach that allows visitors to participate in a variety of activities. From sunbathing to parasailing, the level of energy and excitement varies immensely on the beach, so every member of the family will have a satisfying trip to the beach. There is also the boardwalk and promenade, with cute shops, attractions like games and miniature golf, and restaurants and vendors the whole family will love. After a long day at the beach, the family can have a nice dinner out at one of the amazing seafood restaurants on the coast, or the older generations can enjoy drinks at one of the quaint coastal bars along the boardwalk. Myrtle Beach comes with many options, so your family will never be limited or bored during this vacation.

Large family vacations can be tricky, but if you stick with one of these spots, you’ll have a smoothly-run vacation the whole family will cherish and reminisce.


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