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For the thrill-seeking adrenaline junkies, there are some awesome opportunities out there to let loose and let your reckless side shine. With these unique vacation ideas for extreme sports lovers, you can visit some amazing spots and try out some wicked-exciting new adventures that will get your blood flowing:

Stratosphere SkyJump-Las Vegas, Nevada

Are you afraid of heights? Heck No! You love the thrill of seeing the tops of building, and the view to the ground, so jumping of a tall tower will give you just the excitement you are looking for. During your next trip to Las Vegas, take the plunge by jumping off the Stratosphere tower as part of the SkyJump. The tip-top of this 108 story tower is the highest point of the city, and here you will get a complete view of the Las Vegas Strip. Then you will suit up, bungee up, and hop off to fall over 100 floors down. This thrilling experience will be unlike any other you’ve ever had before, and doing it at night with the city lights will make it even more exciting!

Cheese Rolling- Gloucestershire, England

Each an every May, people from around the world come to England to try their hand in the cheese-rolling competition at Cooper’s Hill. This longstanding tradition sounds silly, but is actually quite exciting and dangerous. To participate, cheese-rollers chase a nine pound wheel of cheese down a steep hill. The first person to the bottom, wins the cheese, and many of the losers go home with rolled ankles and other injuries. This competition is quite an exciting adventure for those seeking a bit of excitement. You have to risk it to win the big cheese!

Whitewater Rafting On The Colorado River-Sedona, Arizona

Depending on the level of thrill you wish to experience, you can have anywhere form a mild river rafting ride to a crazy, turmoiling ride down the Colorado River. On the river, you will experience a wet and wild ride, taking you through the twists and turns, over rocks and dams, until you are soaking wet and your blood is rushing! This insane ride down the Colorado River will give you the ride of your life, and make you cling to your paddle and life jacket. Between hiking in the desert and rock climbing the canyons, this wet trip down the river will be just what your adventurous side is craving in Sedona.

Extreme Ski Slopes And Bump Runs At Heavenly Mountain Resort- Lake Tahoe, California

For the eager snow bunnies looking to conquer their next mountain, the slopes at Heavenly Mountain Resort include some of the steepest ski runs and the wildest terrain parks. For the especially confident risk-takers, the Gunbarrel run is a terrain with of moguls and bumps, which challenge even the most advanced skiers and snowboarders. If you’re brave enough to visit these adventurous slopes, you must try to conquer the Gunbarrel bumps run.

Zip Line through The Smoky Mountains-Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

Have you ever wished that you had the ability to fly like a bird? Well now you can pretend you’re flying with a zip line ride through the Smoky Mountains. This destination is the perfect spot to try zip lining, because you get an unobstructed view of the mountains. Here you can reach speeds up to 40 miles per hour, zooming through the trees, between the mountains. This breathtaking ride will be one you will never forget, with a picturesque view that will be unforgettable as well.

Windsurfing In The Caribbean –Grand Bahamas Islands, Bahamas

In the Bahamas, both experienced and amateur windsurfers can test their skills on the waves. With good balances and the right winds, found in the Caribbean, your windsurfing experience will be a stimulating ride, and a great workout, leaving you sore, but satisfied. Inexperienced surfers can take lessons close to shore, but the pros can rides the waves deeper into the ocean to experience turbulent winds and a wild ride. If you haven’t tried windsurfing yet, you must give it a try on your next vacation to the Bahamas.

Rock Climb in the Desert- Mesquite Nevada

Sure you’ve mastered the indoor rock walls, but why not take your expertise to the Wild West, where you can roam and climb rocks as you wish. Many of the rocks in Mesquite have been unclimbed, so to amp up the excitement level you can test out the new terrain that has yet to be traveled. This lesser traveled spot offers a few great walls to climb, including the Grail Wall, with some intense rock dykes to climb giving you a great workout and adrenaline rush to go with it. Just make sure you pack all the necessary items and climb with a spotter.


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