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(Photo courtesy of Citta del Mare.)

Your inner child is secretly dying for a new waterslide to ride. You’ve conquered Six Flags, Cedar Point, and some of the hit water rides in the Wisconsin Dells, but your heart still yearns for more.

In which case, we’ve got the perfect attraction for you, and it is just a short trip across the pond.

In Palermo, Italy, off the Coast of Castellammare, you can find a slide so wild to ride that is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

This waterslide, a part of the Citta del Mare Hotel Village, features three levels of rides, and takes riders into four separate bodies of water on the ride down.

The top of the slide begins on a step cliff, setting the high vantage point for the ride. The end of the slide tosses riders into the clean and clear waters of the Gulf, but not before giving them a ride that keeps them on their toes.

Considering the three levels of the slide, the Toboggan water slide, is actually comprised of 11 small slides combined to make one extreme waterslide. Riders begin the rider, choosing between two initial slides to slide down. Then the first two slides send them splashing into a clear blue pool. If the ride was too much for some of the younger riders, or the faint at heart, there are ladders to climb out of the pool and end the experience there.

But if you choose to keep going, you have your choice of three equally steep slides to take you into the next pool. If you still are up for the fast ride down these nearly-vertical slides, you have another choice between three precipitous slides, in which you can race friends into the next refreshing pool stop.

Now this is where the real fun begins. As the slide is coming to an end, so are the pools at the bottom. These next two twin slides end with a fun and exciting twist. Instead of taking you to a safe and sheltered, shallow swimming pool, these last slides send you zooming into the ocean, dumping you into the Gulf!

Of course, there is and easy ladder to climb up after you swim to the edge, but for a split second, you are left to fend for yourself in the beautiful rocky coast of the Castellammare waters.

From top to bottom, this awesome slide located on the cliff off the coast gives you an amazing view of the scenery and the ocean.

This crazy slide may be the most awesome attraction at the resort but, the Citta del Mare also has additional spacious swimming pools, including a lap pool, a few pools for lounging, and also a Jacuzzi.

This unique spot off the coast of Sicily is a great place all members of the family enjoy.

But if a trip overseas is a bit out of reach for your family, try a trip to the Wisconsin dells, where you can find waterslides that spark your adrenaline just as much as the Toboggan waterslide in Italy.

For a wild ride close to home, that equal the thrill of the Toboggan waterslide, try out the Scorpion waterslide at Noah’s Ark in the Wisconsin Dells. This wild ride shoots you down steep hills, and twists you around in wild turns before spitting you out at the end.

Another insane waterslide within the Wisconsin Dells is the Lunar Loop at the Wilderness Resort. This crazy body slide releases riders down a straight vertical drop, then loops them back up and around before shooting them down to the bottom of the slide.

With wild rides like these so close to home, you’ll have plenty of fun working your way up to the European rides.

Maybe someday you’ll save up the money, and the courage, to make it overseas to try out the Toboggan waterslide, but for now you can have plenty of fun, excitement, and variety at the waterpark capital of the world, The Wisconsin Dells.


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