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Sometimes, we all just need our alone time. Time to reflect, relax, and enjoy some private time away from others. This time can lead to better relationships and a healthier life. So why not take a solo vacation to truly get the alone time you need and deserve?

While travelling alone can seem like a scary thought, there are plenty of safe and non-intimidating places you can travel alone without feeling like an outcast.

Here are the 8 best spots to travel alone, that will make you want to plan a solo trip ASAP:

Hilton Head, South Carolina

Sometimes, all you need is a nice little road trip by yourself to reflect, listen to some tunes, and explore a new place by yourself. A little trip to Hilton Head in South Carolina would be the perfect road trip destination, due to the natural and serene beach setting, the cute and safe town. In Hilton Head, you can find calm beaches, and golf courses where you can have a peaceful day in paradise, and then enjoy some delicious seafood at one of the many cute little restaurants in town. This spot will be the perfect place to unwind in a lesser known spot just south of Myrtle Beach. Plan a vacation, or a weekend getaway to experience a relaxing and fulfilling solo beach vacation in Hilton Head.

Portland, Oregon

A trip to Portland will be a great experience overall. Here you can see great shows and musical events, eat well, enjoy a cup of coffee at a peaceful café, and enjoy some active alone time. This location is the perfect mix of the city life with an outdoorsy twist, with the nearby post to hike in the mountains of Oregon, or canoe in the Columbia River that runs through the city. This is a popular solos tourist spot for the younger generations, being a popular spot for concerts and festival, and is a great place to meet new people if you are looking to make friends on your vacation.

Fakarava, Tahiti

For a tropical trip to a secluded island, your heart desires a trip to Tahiti. Here you will find the exclusivity of the island to your liking, and have plenty of privacy to enjoy the beach, and relax with mediation, yoga, and spa trips, in complete peace and quiet. For a little excitement on the trip, there are still plenty of fun places to explore, like the markets of Papeete and the jungles of Tahiti, to immerse yourself in the culture and see the true beauty of the Islands. To complete the perfect peaceful vacation package, book a bungalow on the water for the ultimate Tahitian lodging destination that will give you space to yourself, and the serenity of the sounds of the ocean around you. You can’t go wrong with a Tahitian vacation.

New York City, New York

While such a crowded city like New York City may seem like a place you wouldn’t want to be alone, it actually makes for the best spot. In the city, you can enjoy some time to yourself, even when you are amongst a crowd. There are lots of places to explore on your own, yet you will never feel lonely in the crowd of people. If you want to go out and meet some new people, there are plenty of cool bars and night clubs within the city to enjoy. Visit the Upper East Side for some high-class bars to enjoy some classy drinks and conversation, or head across town to the West Village to check out some intimate bars, with unique themes and cocktails to test out. In such a large city, you have plenty of options of shops, bars, restaurants, and activities to enjoy, without arguing or comprising with others when deciding what to do. Oh, the luxury of traveling alone!

Lake Tahoe, California

For a solo vacation in which you wish to relax, and enjoy some time in nature, Lake Tahoe makes for a beautiful destination. Here you can find a gorgeous lake framed by mountains that makes for the perfect vacation spot at any time of the year. The town has plenty of vacation rentals, hotels, and a few luxury spas, which make for the perfect addition to a solo trip. Spend time hiking in the Sierra Mountains and taking in the natural beauty of Lake Tahoe, and then relax, unwind, and treat your body to some spa treatments at the resort. Whether a summer day on the lake sounds like a great way to relax by yourself, or some me-time on the slopes clears your head, there is something for everyone to enjoy, ant any time of the year in Lake Tahoe.

Sedona, Arizona

For those who enjoy some alone time to detox, Arizona is the perfect place for you. In Sedona, a quaint resort town just north of Phoenix, you can enjoy open deserts, red rock canyons, and buttes, to hike in your lonesome and enjoy the peace and quiet. Sedona is a great spot to enjoy fine art, music, and spiritual reflection, a town known for highlighting these cultural aspects. Back at your hotel, or at nearby resorts, there are plenty of spas in the area to enjoy some time to unwind, meditate, and pamper yourself, so you return home feeling fresh and renewed. The dry heat and the relaxing atmosphere of Arizona can be very good for you.

Amsterdam, Holland

Amsterdam is beautiful and unique, which makes for a lovely place to explore and indulge in the lifestyle on your own time. While certain spots are known for letting loose, through the use of marijuana and other local freedoms, the city is still extremely safe, so travelling alone is not a safety issue, and there are plenty of ways to get around, including by boat on the river and by bike, which is how many people travel when they are by themselves. With an abundance of cafes, and historical sites to take in the culture and the architecture, the city makes for the perfect spot to travel to and enjoy some alone time.

Grand Cayman Island, Caribbean Islands

What could be better than a relaxing day at the beach? Perhaps you enjoy sunbathing, or reading a good book while you lounge about on the warm sand. It’s nice to take some time alone, and there is not a more perfect place to do so than at the beach. And there is not a more perfect beach than the ones found in the Caribbean. Here you escape your worries, and escape the crowds on a beach vacation on Grand Cayman Island. The picturesque beaches are lovely, and provide enough privacy, without being a completely remote location. In Grand Cayman Island, you can swim with the dolphins, try snorkeling, or take a nice long stroll down the Seven Mile Beach. You can enjoy come great accommodations here, without having to travel across the world to experience some solitude in the Caribbean.


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