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Stop what you are doing, and picture yourself at the beach, on a tropical island, soaking up the sun with a delicious drink in your hand, while your toes are in the arm white sand. Ah, perfection.

Now where do you imagine this place to be? Let me guess: Hawaii?

Likely that’s the first place you thought of, because of the close location to the states, and the loads of pictures you see on Facebook of friends and relatives visiting the hyped up spot.

In reality, Hawaii is actually quite overrated. Why, you ask? Hawaii is overdone, overpopulated, and not nearly as relaxing of a spot as you hoped your dream tropical vacation would be.

We have a better alternative for you: a trip to the Tahitian Islands.

If you’re not yet convinced, here are 4 reason to try Tahiti on your next tropical vacation:

You’ll Get The Peace And Quiet That You Crave

Nobody likes an overcrowded beach. In Tahiti you will find secluded beaches that allow you to sunbathe, read, and relax with some peace and quiet. You’ll get the privacy you dream of having on a beach to enjoy some alone time, or spend time with your lover. In Hawaii, you’ll find over-hyped and overcrowded beaches full of tourists, making it hard to relax and have the peace of mind you hoped to get on vacation. The same goes for the hotels and atmosphere. Also, some of the Tahitian Islands, like Bora Bora, only allows adults to visit, so you will experience and extremely relaxing setting without being bugged by crying babies and rowdy teenagers. Tahiti is much less crowded overall, and offers more options for secluded rooms and resorts, to give you a serene setting for your tropical vacation.

You Can Get More For Your Money

While a trip to Tahiti will cost some dough, it is not out of range. First, keep in mind that the Tahitian culture does not participate or believe in tipping so that is not something to take into consideration. Also, there will be no added taxes to the amount your bill costs in Tahiti, which can actually save you a lot of money.

While you may pay a decent price for a high-class trip top Tahiti, the cost for the same luxuries in Hawaii would be over the roof. In Tahiti you will get private luxury accommodations, which would cost you a fortune in more crowded vacation spots like Hawaii. To get the same vacation experience, you will pay a heck of a lot less in Tahiti.

There Is More To Do And See

In Tahiti, there is a limited population, as well as a limited amount of resorts, so there is much more space to explore and more unique things to see. The Tahitian islands have lots of spots to explore, from dense jungles with waterfalls to local markets, getting a glimpse of the island and the culture is easy. Also, there are more options of things to do, with room and space to do them, such as canoeing, boating, fishing, and swimming. Without all the traffic on the island, you get your pick at things to do, without the interference of others.

The island also has unique accommodations, which cannot be matched anywhere else. Tahiti offers some remote accommodations for tourists on private beaches and island, and even have bungalows floating over the water to give tourists an experience they can’t see anywhere else.

Hawaii, on the other hand, is filled with the standard, overcrowded resorts and people that may interfered with your lodging and vacation itinerary.

It Will Be A More Unique Experience

Think about it; how many of your friends and family members have been to Hawaii? How about Tahiti? Likely, many of your traveler friends have visited the Pacific hotspot of Hawaii, and have possibly never even heard of Tahiti. So instead of having the same exact vacation and experience of everyone else, branch out by going to Tahiti and seeing a new place with a tropical setting, yet a completely different environment. You’ll come back from your trip with new knowledge of the Tahitian culture, a completely relaxed state of mind, and cooler pictures than your friends.

Given these compelling reasons, doesn’t Tahiti just sound like an amazing vacation spot that blows Hawaii out of the water?


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