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For every sports fanatic, there are certain places they plan to visit during their lifetime. From participating in sporting adventures they’ve always wanted to try, to making a dedicated pilgrimage, worshiping their favorite teams or players, there are certain spots every sports fan needs to visit.

Here are the 8 spots to visit that are on every die-hard sports-lover’s bucket list:

National Baseball Hall Of Fame-Cooperstown, New York

Every baseball fan across the country dreams of one day seeing the Field of Dreams, and the Baseball Hall of Fame with their own eyes. This spots is only famous for the sport, but it still brings in thousands of visitors each year, dedicated to the game, and awed by the players.

Richard Petty Driving Experience-Orlando, Florida

If you’ve got the need for speed, but have yet to make it into the World Racing League, then a visit to the Richard Petty Driving Experience Tracks is calling your name. While there are a few different locations around the country, the Orlando destination is the perfect spot for the big kids (ages 18 and up) to play while the younger kids enjoy the theme parks. Here, you can ride along in a race car driven by professional drivers, or choose to race for yourself in a real race car. This is certainly a thrilling experience for the enjoyment of adrenaline-junkies.

Fenway Park-Boston Massachusetts

No matter who you cheer for, no baseball fan can deny that Fenway Park is iconic to the game. This park has been open for over 100 years, and though it has needed some renovations along the way, the Green Monster still stands tall. Home to players from Babe Ruth and Ted Williams to Pedro Martinez and David Ortiz, this park has hosted some of the best players in baseball and will always be a favorite park to all teams.

Notre Dame Stadium-South Bend, Indiana

College football fans either love or hate this timeless stadium, but none can deny the atmosphere and sense of unity felt at Notre Dame Stadium. Built in 1930, this stadium holds the memories of generations, and continues to be an upstanding football destination in the country. This esteems stadium been the home to Heisman trophy winners, NFL players, and Hollywood stars. Can I get a “Rudy?”

Football Hall Of Fame-Canton, Ohio

There is not too much in Canton, Ohio, but the Football Hall of Fame is reason enough to visit. All NFL fans dream of visiting the spot, and basking in the glory of their favorite start athletes. Currently, the newest addition to the Football Hall of fame is the record-setting football thrown by Peyton Manning, to mark his 509th touchdown. While there are new inductees each year, there are items and artifacts dating back to the oldest players that can be seen at the museum.

Churchill Downs-Louisville, Kentucky

Home of the Kentucky Derby, the most acclaimed horse race in the country, Louisville is a favorite destination of the horse-racing industry. This beautiful racetrack has hosted international guests, wearing fancy hats while betting on races, and drinking mint juleps. This track upholds the traditional standards of the game, and is serious about racing and the money spent on these horses. To see and experience the races in action, visit Churchill Downs in late spring for The Kentucky Derby.

Daytona International Speedway-Daytona, Florida

Right off the coast of Florida is the Daytona International Speedway, the ultimate race track in the country. Daytona is a favorite destination of NASCAR fans, who come to watch the races, but stay to enjoy the beautiful beach afterward. Here you can see some of your favorite professionals in actions, hearing the zooming of the cars as they race by at insane speeds. Before families, this is where future race car driver aspirers are born.

MGM Grand Garden Arena-Las Vegas, Nevada

While the MGM Grand Garden Arena may host more than just sporting events, it is one of the largest arenas in the area, hosting events from sports games, to UFC fights. There will likely be some kind of fight or sports event during your stay in Las Vegas, so for an epic night watching an event in an enormous arena, make sure you visit the MGM Grand Garden Arena for and up close and personal view of the game or fight, right on the Las Vegas Strip.


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