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You may love laying around on the beach, soaking up the sun and dozing off to the sound of the ocean, but your kids may not find the experience quite as riveting as you do.

To maximize your beach time, and keep the whole family happy, here is a list of 20 activities to do at the beach:

1. Read

Is there a better place to read than the beach? With the wind blowing through our hair, the sun shining down and your toes in the sand, there could not be a more serene place to enjoy your latest novel.

2. Walk Along The Water

Another relaxing thing to do at the beach is go for a walk. During the day, or at night, it can be fun or romantic, and can burn off some extra energy with the kids while exploring the coast.

3. Surf Some Waves

Surfing can be tricky to learn, but many popular beach spots offer surfing lessons. This can keep your kids occupied for quite a while, so you can enjoy your alone time at the beach.

4. Collect Seashells

Seashells are similar to snowflakes, in the sense that no two look exactly alike. Seashells are unique remains of the beach that can be fun to find, and can be used for crafts, or saved in a jar with some sand for a nice memento of your trip. Let the kids find some shells that you can use later on.

5. Go Fishing

Whether you are at the ocean, or a small beach on a lake, there will likely be fish and maybe even a pier to fish from. This can be a fun way to pass time, and maybe even catch dinner!

6. Rent A Jet Ski

If you’re at a popular tourist spot, odds are that there will be jet skis for rent. These exciting rides can be fun for teenagers and adults to zoom around in, but might be a bit too advanced for the little ones.

7. Write In The Sand

The sand poses as a fun aspect of the beach to play with. With young ones, it can be fun to play with it and write in the sand. They can practice learning how to write in a fun way on the beach.

8. Toss a Frisbee

Many of us still haven’t mastered the art of Frisbee throwing, but for those who can safely do so without hitting other people at the beach can have a fun time. If you have the athletic ability and a partner to throw with, bring one along to the beach.

9. Build A Sandcastle

We are know how much fun playing in the sand can be. So act like a kid again, and help your children build a sandcastle on the beach. Don’t forget the moat!

10. Play Some Ball

Whether you are tossing around a football, or you set up a full net and volleyball court on the beach, you can let your competitive side shine with the kids on the beach. This is a fun way to engage all ages, and help the kids burn off that energy they had from being cooped up on the road trip to the beach.

11. Rent A Kayak

Regardless if you are at a popular beach on the ocean, or a lake with a beach, there will likely be a shop, or a park where you can rental kayaks and canoes to paddle in the water. This can be a good workout and a fun way to explore on the water.

12. Have A Picnic

A fun way to spend the entire day at the beach includes packing lunch to eat on a blanket in the sand. Your family will enjoy eating on the beach, and you can come prepared with plenty of snack to keep the family happy. Just avoid the water for 30 minutes after eating.

13. Try Skimboarding

For active and athletic kids, bring along some skimboards so they can try it out on the beach. The idea is similar to surfing except it is much easier, and is done on the edge of the water as it hits the sand.

14. Go Horseback Riding

For the adventurous and animal-loving family, horseback riding on the beach may be the most exciting thing you can do. Some places offer horseback riding on the beach and trails along the beach, and the horses may even go into the water!

15. Have a Photoshoot

Taking a family photo on the beach can make for a great Christmas card picture, but letting your teenagers borrow your phone or camera to take some fun pictures can be a good way to get some extra pictures of the family and allow them to show off their creative side.

16. Search For Sea Creatures

For adventure seekers, exploring the beach is a must. Whether you scour the sand for sand-creature or take to the ocean to snorkel with the fish, there are so many fun ways to explores and find new creatures at the beach.

17. Go Paddle Boarding

For a great workout both you and your kids will enjoy, try paddle boarding. While this seems easy, you have to focus on balancing, and pushing yourself using different muscles of your body. It can be fun, but you’ll be sore later!

18. Go For A Run

Running is already a great cardio workout, but running on the sand is an even better workout. Has you ever noticed how hard it is to walk and run on the beach? That’s because the sand sinks in and makes you use more muscles that you don’t typically use. The extra exertion will burn more calories and be a great workout!

19. Search For Treasure

A search similar to The Goonies is a bit unrealistic, but you can find cool coins, shells, and other remains at the beach. Bring along a metal detector and let the kids start the treasure hunt.

20. Have A Bonfire

The best way to unwind and spend time with the family after a long day at the beach with a fire, some blankets, and of course, s’mores. Bonfires on the beach are infinitely more exciting than bonfires anywhere else.


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