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You would never leave home without your smartphone or tablet for a long trip, but are your devices actually prepared to help you with your travel? Make sure your devices are fully stocked with the newest travel apps to make your trip run smoothly and safely.


Have you ever been desperate to find and ATM, searching all around for one, and then when you finally comes across one you find that it doesn’t accept your card type or support your bank? Solve your ATM problems during your travels with the Allpoint app. The Allpoint app helps you find ATMS near you that work with your bank and card type. This is a convenient way to get cash and not waste time by having to visit multiple ATMs only to finally find one that will work for you.


Don’t you hate when you fill up your gas tank and then drive down the road to find that there is cheaper gas in town? To avoid this nit-picking dilemma, download the Fuelzee app, which help you find the cheapest gas in your area, and lets you rack up points to get rewards on fuel! This is the perfect app to help you save money on a long road trip.


When you’re traveling, you never quite know when you are going to get the best service, or even get service at all, depending on your location. To make sure you stay connected and safe, you should consider downloading OpenSignal, an app that helps you get the best signal for your cell phones service, and also helps you track down Wi-Fi hotspots near you. This will come in handy in emergency situations when you will need a phones signal, and it never hurts to be prepared.

Expensify Trips

Whether you are traveling for business and need to record your spending to get reimbursed, or you are trying to monitor and budget your vacation spending, Expensify Trips can be a highly-beneficial app to download. Expensify Trips helps you keep track of all your spending by letting you scan receipts. It also helps you stay organized with an itinerary, so if you scan a ticket ahead of time it will notify you of your flight or event.


With the Skyscanner apps, finding a flight or easy car rentals can be found at your fingertips. With the app, you can search through flights to find the cheapest and most convenient flight, and book it through your smartphone or tablet. You can also find car rentals near you so that your trip doesn’t have to be postponed due to car troubles or unexpected issues you may run into. Skyscanner can be a secret lifesaver.

Packing Pro

This app may have been around for a couple years, but recent updates have improved it and made it the best of its kind. This app lets your plug in your destination, and helps by giving you tips of what to pack and how to pack it in a way that saves space without cutting what you need. This is vital for any traveler, especially considering the raising process of carry-on and checked baggage on flights.


Traveling can be a strain on either your social life, or your data plan. Stay in the loop and avoid high data roaming fees with WhatsApp. WhatsApp allows you to message and text friends using Wi-Fi instead of SMS so that you don’t get stuck with high fees while you are traveling about. You no longer have to sacrifice your social life or your wallet with WhatsApp.


You are not fully packed for a trip to the beach without downloading the BeachPro app. This new app gives details of specific beaches, provides weather updates, and even notifies surfers of tide times and surf reports for the best waves. This app will help you be prepared for a day at the beach, and will warn you if something is up that will close the beach. BeachPro is a convenient way to prepare for a trip to the beach.


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