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A trip to Tahiti brings about an entirely new experience you will not get anywhere else. From the private beaches, to the exciting attractions on the exotic islands a trip to Tahiti is certainly going to make for a vacation you will never forget.

To make your trip an exciting new adventure you will always remember, check out these 6 unique Tahitian attractions:

Safari In The Jungles Of Tahiti

There are quite a few different spots to safari in Tahiti, and different expedition groups to go with, but one of the most popular spots to explore within the jungles of the Tahitian Islands is within Tahiti Nui with the Marama Tours Group. This spot is filled with all exotic things you would expect to find in one of the most beautiful locations, plus much more. The mountains and valleys are covered with beautiful, rare flowers, unique to the Tahitian Islands. A hike within the jungle will bring you to hidden waterfalls, lakes and more, that are almost unknown to the public. For an exciting and exotic nature exploration trip, you need to visit Tahiti.

The Pearl Museum

Did you know that Tahiti is home to the black pearl, and that these can only be found naturally in this location? Given this unique luxury, the Robert Wan Pearl Museum has been dedicated to the Tahitian export and the culture and history surrounding it. This museum is the only museum in the world dedicated to pearls, and features a variety of colors, shapes and sizes, ranging up to 8.7 grams in size. Your trip to Tahiti is not complete until you visit this unique museum.

Olivier Breaud International Golf Course

Sure, you may be able to do this anywhere, but not in a setting that compares to the backdrop of the gorgeous Tahitian Islands. Here, your game is sure to be thrown off by the unparalleled beauty of the island. You will not be able to keep your eye on the ball, or even the green, for that matter with such beauty around you. According to, this spot has a par-72 course that is open to all, but is the host spot of the annual Tahiti open for Australia’s PGA. Given the impressive scenery, the tough holes and the exotic location, this is a must travel spot for golf enthusiasts. And don’t worry, a day trip here won’t break the budget. A day of golf will only coat up to $99 in green fees! Say yes to the green and enjoy a day of golf in Tahiti.

Snorkel At The Wrecks

What were once tragic accidents that occurred with the sinking with a large cargo ship and a water airplane, now add a silver lining by being sites for awesome snorkeling views. The Wrecks, as they are now referred to as, are home to many different school of fish. According to, this shallow spot is great for snorkeling and scuba diving, due to its location on a sand bar that is less than 50 feet deep into the water. Get a chance to explore this interesting and captivating spot and see the colorful water creature that now inhabit it.

The Marae Temples

This historic temples are a big part of the Tahitian culture. Located on the island of Bora Bora, there are still about 40 temples left to explore. These temples were used for religious ceremonies, and are sometimes still visited and used in the same way. USA Today reports that this is a free place to visit, except during the Heiva Nui festival in July when cultural ceremonies take place to celebrate the Tahitian religions through rituals. This is a unique event to experience for yourself in Tahiti.

Le Marche de Papeete

This lovely tourist spot is a grand way to get an authentic taste of the Tahitian Islands. Here you can barter with shops to purchase goods and textiles like Tahitian vanilla, fruits and vegetables, woven goods, and other crafts. These things are cheap, and unique to the Tahitian culture. The market of Papeete is free to the public, and is open during the day. You may visit on your own, or take a tour of Papeete through places like Viator which offers a variety of tours to give you a taste of the city and the culture with a tour group that guides you through the town in a timely manner, educating tourists about the land. Either way you choose to go, you will surely have a good time learning about the Tahitian culture.


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