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Your family is in needs of a nice vacation somewhere warm and relaxing, but you are pinching pennies like it’s nobody’s business. Don’t worry, even on a limited budget there are still some fabulous options to take a nice vacation, in Texas!

While Texas is known for their big barbeque, big hats, and big attitudes, you can still keep your bill low with these cheap trip ideas for your Texas vacation:

Start By Driving

While Texas is not the closet to everyone, it can be an easy drive with its central location and open highways. For a family vacation, driving can often cut down costs tremendously, and can help you avoid the airport drama. Since it is a part of the continental US, driving is still an option and will save you loads of money. Plus, you will get more time to bond with your family by taking a nice little road trip.

Lodging For Less

If you are heading to the more popular tourist spots, like central Texas, or the Dallas area, the best way to find the cheapest prices for hotels is to shop around, and look outside of the typical hotel zone. If you bring your car, it is not much of an inconvenience to drive another ten minutes to save on a hotel that is a bit outside of town. These hotels typically feature better prices, and have more open rooms to book at any given time.

Keep it Cheap, Keep it Fun

The state of Texas is full of fun things to do, so finding something for your vacation budget will be the only issue. Don’t panic yet, there are still plenty of places you and the family will love, and your bank account will too. Keep these cool and inexpensive day outing options in mind:

Tour the University of Texas at Austin- Austin

While school may be the last thing you and your kids want to think about, a day trip to Austin to see the University of Texas can be a fun and enlightening idea. The huge campus is beautiful and houses thousands of students, so there is always something interesting going on to partake in or watch. Plus, this can be an eye-opening experience for your older children, who are looking into colleges, or will be soon, to expand their horizons and give them a taste of the college lifestyle. You can choose to roam the grounds by yourself, or take a free tour with a designated guide. To schedule a tour, you can look at the University of Texas web page for more information.

Visit the Japanese Tea Garden, Brackenridge Park- San Antonio

This beautiful oasis is a great place to explore and relax, alone or with the family. Here there are many trails to explore, and plants and wildlife to see. Within walking distance of the trails there are also other attractions, like the Witte Museums, which even has freed admission on Tuesdays. Plan your schedule right at the Japanese Tea Garden , and you could have a fun day outing for free!

Take a Dip In the Barton Springs Pool-Austin

The natural springs that spread across three acres, have been turned into a fun and refreshing pool for residents and visitors to enjoy. Come for the day, and appreciate the clean and natural waters, and the cheap admission prices. The Barton Springs Pool offers cheap admission, even for non-residents, ranging from $2 for children and seniors, to $4 for adults. Pack your swimsuits, and snack, some drinks with plastic bottles, and you have yourself a fun and inexpensive day trip your family will love.

Visit the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary- Boyd

Just about 50 miles outside of Dallas, there is a fun and exciting place to see some rescued cats in a more natural setting. These are no ordinary pet cats, however, these are big cats, like lions and tigers, that have been rescued form unfit homes and nursed back to their natural lifestyles with a glimpse of the world and freedom. This big cat sanctuary recommends that for entry, visitors pay a small fee to get in, and can enjoy all the wonderful accommodations of the exhibit. To get in, adults pay $10 and kids pay $5 at the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary. Tours of the exhibit, can cost a little more. The entry fee serves as a donation to preserving the sanctuary, so not only are you saving money by spending the day at an inexpensive and educational spot, but the money you spend is going to a charitable cause!

These are only a few of the many things you can do to have a fun and inexpensive vacation in Texas. To continue planning your trip to keep costs down, make sure you do your research and make arrangements ahead of time, and come fully packed and prepared in order to get the most for your money!


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