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You love the beach, but sometimes you just want to be alone to enjoy the calming sound of the waves, and the sand in your toes. You will never get that at the popular tourist spots, where over every square foot of beach there’s a rowdy volleyball player, a sunbather blasting tunes, or a child crying about getting sand in their swimsuit.

Get the peace and quiet you crave, while enjoying the lovely scenery of the beach at one of these lovely hidden beaches. Just don’t tell the locals I shared their secret spots!

Pass-a-Grille Beach- St. Petersburg, Florida

Formerly a prime fishing town, this little known spot has become a cute tourist town, filled with bed and breakfasts, boutiques, and galleries for a cultured crowd. However, the beach still has a calm setting, and while it gets some attention during prime vacation times, it is still quieter than the typical Florida beach, and has miles of land to find a private spot to enjoy the scenery.

Malaquite Beach- Corpus Christi, Texas

On South Padre Island, this lesser traveled spot houses miles of beaches that are rarely visited by people other than locals. Here the public beach is located right near a wildlife center , featuring miles of unobstructed land. Locals like to come here to surf, and enjoy other water sports, knowing that there will not be a lot of tourists and children to run into. This is a great spot for adventurous and sporty people to enjoy water sports with room to venture out and practice.

Sandbridge Beach- Virginia Beach, Virginia

This beach is just out of reach of the resort area that is Virginia Beach. Sandbridge Beach has a five mile stretch of natural beach with tall grass that touches the coast, giving it a serene and natural setting, perfect for reading and reflecting. For those who enjoy being active, there are great places to kayak, canoe and hike at the Back Bay National Park Wildlife Refuge that is located right on the coast of this beach. Enjoy your solitude at the beach, at Sandbridge Beach in Virginia.

Bird Island-Sunset Beach, North Carolina

A prominent home for wildlife, especially Loggerhead turtles and a variety of birds, this beach has a very little human presence. With its picturesque nature setting, and rich marshland that is home to many species, this spot has secluded itself from the higher traveled tourist spots. Bird Island is only about an hour from Myrtle Beach, so if you need a break from the crowds on your trip, and want to experience a more natural, unobstructed beach, free from the chatter and livelihood, take a short trip up the coast to Bird Island.

Playa Carricitos- Sayulita, Mexico

Isolated beaches are still possible to find in the tourist towns of Mexico. In Sayulita, you can find a few beaches where you will have complete solitude. One of the best beaches, featuring a rocky and unique coastline, and large waves, is Playa Carricitos. This beach is perfect for those who love surfing, but hate sharing the beach with amateurs who get in the way. However, make sure you don’t go alone, and you are staying safe. The waves here can get a bit rocky at times, so know when to play it safe and stay on the beach instead of venturing into the water.

Gold Rock Beach-Grand Bahama Island, The Bahamas

Located within the Lucayan National Park, this natural beach features beautiful scenery consisting of bright blue waters, unobstructed land, and plenty of wildlife to watch in their natural habitats. It costs about $5 a person to get into the park, and there are no restaurants or other amenities to use, so come prepares with food and water and a change of clothes after the beach. But come prepared, and your stay at this lesser crowded beach will be enjoyable and fulfilling for those seeking some calm time away from the resort.


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