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Congratulations! You just booked a flight to one of the best vacation spots in the world. Now, it is time to plan out your stay in town. This can be overwhelming to try and find spots in a new place, but don’t panic.

To help you find the best hotels, restaurants, and entertainment options in Cancun, we have compiled a list to make the process easier for you. Enjoy all the best things that Cancun has to offer with this helpful guide:

Best Family Resort- Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort

Stay at a hotel the whole family will adore during your time in Cancun. Moon Place offers all –inclusive stays, with 17 restaurants, luxury pools, swim up bars, private beach access, a kids club, a teen lounge, a night club, a full playground, mini golf, and more. With plenty of options for the whole family to enjoy, you will never even want to leave the resort!

Best Hotel For Adults Only- Le Blanc Spa Resort

For a truly indulgent and relaxing experience, a stay at the Le Blanc Spa Resort in Cancun is a must. This adult’s only resort is conveniently located near the heart of Cancun, and features high class amenities that make this resort one of the most luxurious in the land. With a beautiful view of the ocean, full access to a private beach and entertainment options ranging from golf course access to spa treatments, this lux spot has it all.

Best Restaurant- La Habichuela

One of the oldest, and highest rated restaurants in Cancun is La Habichuela. This restaurant specializes in Latin and Mexican cuisine, featuring mouthwatering seafood dishes, tropical fruits, exotic desserts, and Mayan coffee to round up the meal. There are two restaurants, La Habichuela, and its sister restaurant La Habichuela Sunset. Both spots feature the same menu and are located in popular spots of the city, one located downtown, and one in Cancun’s Hotel Zone. Treat yourself to a scrumptious meal at La Habichuela.

Best Margarita- La Destileria

Mexico is known for its prime tequila, and with tequila you can make the tastiest drink to exist: the margarita. La Destileria is a fabulous restaurant in Cancun that also has a tequila distillery. This makes it the perfect spot to enjoy a margarita with a wide variety of fine tequila options. This resort is location right within the Hotel Zone, so you can easily walk, or take a cab home after drinking one of these bad boys.

Best Beach- Playa Delfines

The white sandy beaches of Cancun are beautiful all around, but for the best beach experience, check out Playa Delfines. This beach is the most popular beach that is mostly open to the public. This is a very social beach, where people like to hang out, drink, and play sports on the beach and in the water. The bright blue waters, and livelihood of the beach make for a great atmosphere at Playa Delfines.

Best Shopping – La Isla Shopping Village

Whether or not you like to shop, a trip to La Islas Shopping Mall should be on your Cancun to do list. This spot offers a variety of shops, ranging from crafty native shops to posh boutiques, with something for every price range. There are also plenty of activities to do here aside from shopping, and eateries to enjoy a taste of Cancun. Visit the outdoor mall at night to see the pretty lights shine over the cute shops and restaurants.

Best Nightlife- Senor Frogs

You deserve to let loose and have a little fun on your vacation, and Senor Frogs is the best place to do just that. While Senor Frogs serves as a restaurant and bar during the day, it transforms to a fun and wild nightclub, featuring DJs, dancing, drinks, and a slide that runs form the top floor to outside the restaurant into the water! Often times, the bar will hold special parties and events to get the crowd pumped up! This is a great place to have a good night out in Cancun.

Best Sightseeing Spot- El Rey Ruins

Get a little taste of history on your trips to Cancun by taking the family out to the El Rey Ruins. This pot in located in Cancun, outside of the tourist area, and makes for an easy day trip. The family can explore the ruins and climb on the rocks. This is a neat spot for adventure loving folks to take some great pictures!


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