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With the wind blowing through your hair, the salty air and sun warming your body, and the view of the ocean for miles, this cruise is exactly where you are meant to be. In fact, you intend to stay here, in this mindset, on this cruise ship, for the rest of your life. Why not? It has everything you could possibly need, and more.

Check out these 7 awesome cruises that will steal your heart, and make you wonder why you ever vacationed on land:

Cunard Line- Transatlantic Cruise

What could be more glamorous than a cruise that takes you all the way across the Atlantic Ocean from New York to Southampton? This cruise features exceptional dining, engaging guest speakers, enrichment and educational opportunities, high quality butler and maid services, and extravagant suites. For a truly splendid and high-class trip, try a transatlantic cruise with the Cunard Line.

Celebrity Cruises-Bahamas

For most, the ideal cruise is a trip with stops in warm and beach-filled. This cruise to the Bahamas on the Celebrity Cruises Line, takes travelers from Fort Lauderdale to the tropical islands of the Bahamas, then to Key West, before returning to the mainland. This affordable trip is still a luxury at a steal, sailing through the warm temperature of the Gulf Stream. This close to home trip is a vacation you must plan for the whole family.

MSC Cruises- Caribbean


To experience a taste of many different tropical spots, a Caribbean cruise is a must, but not just any Caribbean cruise. A cruise with MSC Cruises offers features the whole family can enjoy, from delectable dinging options, beverage packages, and entertainment between excursions such as fitness events, concerts, and games and events put on at the pool. Also, the stops at the ports of the many island within the Caribbean makes for an exciting trip with lots of fun experiences. Warm weather, warm waters, and warm feelings is what you will get on a Caribbean cruise with MSC Cruises.

Disney Fantasy Cruise- Mexico

If you are worried the kids will get stir-crazy on a cruise, look no further to find the perfect cruise for your family. With The Disney Fantasy Cruise Line, there are a variety of amazing destinations, which the family will live, but the ship is still the best part. This ship features great food, drink, and the best entertainment for the whole family. From waterslides to kids club, to fun shows and spas, this will be a pleasing trip for the entire family. Plan a Disney Cruise to Mexico to enjoy the warm weather of the Gulf, and get a taste of the Mexican culture, while still getting the fun and excitement of the Disney experience.

Seabourn- Mediterranean Cruise

Luxury, fine dining, and unforgettable views are all associated with a Seaborne Mediterranean cruise. This exceptional cruise ship features top-class food and drink options, generous rooms, incredible entertainment options, and a world renowned spa-at-sea. The accommodations, along with the excursions planned along the ports make for the trip of a lifetime. Enjoy the culture of the Mediterranean people along the coast of Greece, Italy, France, and more on one of the amazing Mediterranean cruises Seabourn offers.

Rainforest Cruises- Amazon River Cruise

Cruises don’t have to take place on an ocean to be an extravagant event. For the nature loving, warm weather oriented folks, a cruise a Rainforest cruise on the Amazon River might be the most exciting thing you will ever get the opportunity to do. Departing from several different spots, including Peru, Brazil, and Ecuador, the Amazon River cruises offered through Rainforest Cruises give people an up close view of the exotic wildlife and culture, while sailing on smaller boats and spending nights on land. These unique cruises offer amazing opportunities to explore the rainforest, in an accommodating setting.

Windstar Cruises- Tahiti

On this pristine cruise, you can experience the unique grace and beauty of Tahiti, in a cruise ship so indulgent, you will be tempted never to step foot on land again. With the premiums smaller cruises available with Windstar, you can get a more personal and relaxing vacation experience, that will only be enhanced by the beauty, and serene setting of the Tahitian Islands. These amazing yachts feature intimate dining, lofty lodging options, and plenty of activities onboard and on excursions. This may be the trip of a lifetime.


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