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Sometimes the hustle and bustle of the busy vacation spots can be overwhelming. Take a break from the craziness and rewind back to easier days, with less technology and more simple pleasures to enjoy by taking a trip to a lesser traveled resort town.

Rekindle your love of simple vacations in these cute US resort towns that remind you of the good old days:

Beaufort, South Carolina

To experience a small-town setting filled with southern charm and poise, a trip to Beaufort, South Carolina should be your summer vacation destination. This cute, old-fashioned town is home to mansions and plantations that have survived the ages marvelously. Some of these beautiful spots have even been turned into hotels, so visitors can get a taste of the southern lifestyle and dining. The mossy trees, cute small town setting, and seaside location make this a perfect little spot to have a peaceful vacation.

Galena, Illinois

The lovely town of Galena, Illinois is a favorite spot for shopping, relaxing, and enjoying life’s finer pleasures within the Midwest. Here, there are fine shops, crafts, dining, golf courses, wineries, and spas all for visitors to enjoy. It is a beautiful spot for weddings due to the picturesque setting and romantic appeal of the town. It is also a prime spot for hot air balloon rides, outdoor activities, and historical sight-seeing. The small resort town of Galena has a little bit of everything.

Mackinac Island, Michigan

This historically preserved island has remained intact with both its beautifully structures as well as with its old-fashioned ways. This small resort town covers less than four square miles, and is located on Lake Huron. To get to this spot, visitors can travel by ferry, private boat, or plane. Cars (except for emergency vehicles) are not allowed on the island. Horse-drawn carriages and bicycles are the main mode of transportation, and have been since the 19th century. The lovely downtown area features cute shops and dining. Historical sightseeing is a must, from the lovely Victorian houses, to the sight of Fort Mackinac. This is a lovely spot to travel during any season.

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

This adorable little town located just minutes away from the Wisconsin-Illinois border is a local favorite. Here there is a clean beach, to swim, go boating, and fish on the lake. There is also a small downtown area with boardwalk-style shops geared towards tourists and antique collectors, along with restaurants and, of course, ice cream and candy shops to get a sweet treat after a day at the beach. This is a popular spot for decadent vacation homes, and visitors can even walk the path along the lake to get a glimpse of these lush mansions. This spot is only a few hours outside of the Wisconsin Dells, making it a perfect place to stay for a night to get away from the wild excitement of the theme parks.

Cocoa Beach, Florida

Don’t worry, you can still enjoy the “beachy” atmosphere, yet get the small-town vibe that you love in Cocoa Beach, Florida. This location is known for the famous fishing pier and simple beach spot. With a moderate amount of visitors each year, this is a great seaside spot to bring the family without worrying about dealing with an overcrowded beach. This is easily one of the most underrated spots in the highly traveled state of Florida.

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Framed by the mountains, this fun little resort town is full of shops, entertainment, and attractions that the whole family can enjoy. This little town packs in lots of activities within its small city limits. Get a taste of the resort life between camping trips up the mountains, by visiting the old-fashioned style shops and attractions with a modern spin on the typical small-town resort.


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