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This beautiful city located in the heart of the country, right on the western bank of the Missouri river, is home to a variety of attractions that will appeal to the masses.

From visiting historical sites, to getting acquainted with the city’s sports teams and atmosphere, these 5 spots will shape up your trip nicely and give you a well-rounded experience of the city:

Visit The Gateway Arch

What would a trip to St. Louis be without a trip to its most recognizable structure? The arch is an icon to the city, and is a vital component of its history. This arch is the tallest is the world, and took years to complete before it was finished and open to the public in 1967. Since then the sustainable structure has allowed billions of people to ride to the top and see the unobstructed view of the city and the Mississippi River. If you go at night, the view will be enhanced by the amazing city lights and the reflections in the water. This truly unique and exciting experience simply cannot be skipped during a trip to St. Louis.

Go To A Ballgame

Everyone loves America’s favorite pastime. Who can go wrong with a hotdog, a few brews, and tickets to a baseball game? Even if you are not a Cardinal’s fan, you will still enjoy the setting at the lovely Busch Stadium. This stadium comes offers a beautiful view of the city, and the arch in the outfield. A recent addition to the park, includes Ballpark Village, a bar and dining center located right outside the stadium. Here fans can come enjoy the fun atmosphere, before, during or after the game. This is also a great sports bar that is a big part of the St. Louis nightlife. Enjoy all that Busch Stadium has to offer while you’re in the city.

Tour the Anheuser-Busch Brewery

Located in the heart of the city is the famous site of the original Anheuser-Busch brewery. This is where Budweiser products have been made for decades with its same original flavor and quality. To hear about the history of the brand, and see how the beer is made, people can take tours to see the functioning brewery in all its glory. There is also a beer garden, fully stocked with all Budweiser varieties, allowing visitors to get a taste of their beer products after the tour is done with. If you love a cold beer on a hot day, your summer trip to St. Louis must include a trip to the birth spot of Budweiser.

Visit The Missouri Botanical Gardens

In a city with high rise structures, fast paced traffic, and a modern feel, there are still places to escape and get a sense of serenity. Take a break from the typical city day by visiting the Missouri Botanical Garden. At the Missouri Botanical Garden located within the city, tourists can get a wonderful view of breathtaking gardens and exhibits that leave visitors in awe. The gardens feature almost 7,000 types of plants and flowers, to delight your eyes, and your noses. Depending on when you visit, the venue offers special events, like the Lantern Festival, orchid shows, and butterfly and insect exhibits. Wildlife doesn’t have to be so far from the city, at least not in St. Louis.

See Exotic Animals At The St. Louis Zoo

If you have little ones at home, a trip to the Saint Louis Zoological Park is an absolute must-see spot on your vacation to Missouri. This zoo, is home to over 18,000 animals, ranging from penguins to wild cats. The best part? The general admission to the zoo is free! Certain exhibits charge a small fee to view, but usually cost only a few bucks per person, making this a cheap and fun spot for the whole family to enjoy. Let your inner child shine at the St. Louis Zoo.


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