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You have the funds, now where do you want to go? If you’re looking for a vacation home to spend all your summer or winters in a nice location will suit the family, there are some delightful real estate options that you need to look into.

Check out these destination spots during your search to find the perfect vacation home:

Miami, Florida

A gorgeous beach house is exactly what you have on your radar. If you want a place that you can easily travel to within the United States, yet offers some exotic appeal and some hot beaches, a vacation house in the southern tip of Florida in Miami may be just what your heart desires. While some homes can be pricey, there are plenty of options along the beach or within neighborhoods or even condos that you can consider based on your price range. In recent years, the real estate prices in Miami have dropped, making this the perfect time to invest in your own property here.

Lake Tahoe, Tahoe City, California

For those who enjoy the change of the seasons and the year round activities that come with it, a vacation home near Lake Tahoe would be the ideal spot. This beautiful location features a gorgeous lake within the mountains, making it a fun destination throughout the year. In the summer, the water is perfect for boating and swimming and there are plenty of places to camp and hike in the mountains. Yet, the spot is still lovely in the winter when the snowcapped mountains are covered in fresh powder, making it the ideal ski spot. This vacation home can be used year round to its full enjoyment.

Phoenix, Arizona

If you could care less about the beach, but want some dry heat and a calm pool to dip your toes in, Phoenix, Arizona is the first place you should look. Here you can find awesome vacations homes that are listed at extremely reasonable prices. This mean you will be able to get much more for your money. The city of Phoenix is an awesome location for art, entertainment, and sports, and offers plenty of fun activities to keep you and the family occupied. Phoenix is budget friendly, and family approved.

Las Vegas, Nevada

This buzzing city is a fun vacation spot that will never get old. With each trip, there is something new and exciting to experience. The best part about purchasing or timesharing a home in Las Vegas is that the Las Vegas real estate market is extremely cheap right now. You are sure to get a good deal on a house or condo near the strip. And hey, if you still want to work up the extra funds to get another vacation home, you can now spend extra time in the casinos to hopefully win some big bucks.

George Town, Grand Cayman

The capitol of the Cayman Islands was picked with good reason. This city is rich with the native culture and history, and it is a popular spot for tourism. This Caribbean location is the perfect destination to purchase or timeshare a vacation home due to its warm but mild temperature, beautiful sandy coasts, and the exciting tourist attractions. This is also a prime stop for cruise ships due to the open ports of the island. If a vacation home on the blue ocean water calls your name, then a visit to Grand Cayman Island to check out the real estate might be a smart move for you.

Playa Jaco, Costa Rica

This naturally beautiful location is home to an abundance of wildlife and rain forests, yet also gives travelers a taste of the beach like. A vacation home in Costa Rica would give your family a truly exotic getaway spot that will help you all escape the stress of your everyday lives. Costa Rica is an eco-friendly country and works to keep itself clean and sustainable. Also, everything is much cheaper here than in the states, so you will not have to worry about spending more money while vacationing here.


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