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Your family is in dire need of a vacation, but your budget doesn’t give you much room to plan an extravagant trip.

Don’t fret; there are still plenty of awesome vacations that your family can plan when money is tight. Check out these 5 US vacation spots that will not break the bank:

San Antonio, Texas

A trip to Texas comes with the mindset that everything is bigger, including the bills, but not if you plan it right. While lodging and dining in the heart of the city can get a bit pricier, there are plenty of hotels and restaurants right outside the city that will cost a fraction of the price. The commute to the city will be pain free and convenient. In the city, there are many places to explores, including the river walk and the Alamo, which are both free to experience. These are fun day trips that will get the family entertained, yet will not throw off your budget. Remember the Alamo and the city of San Antonio when planning your next low budget vacation.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Just because this location is a popular tourist spot, doesn’t mean that you can’t find great deals. Depending on when you travel and where you plan to stay, you can book a hotel easy and cheap. This place gets much busier during the middle of the summer, so a trip in the spring or early summer will be the prime time to travel to get the best deals. Once you get here, there are plenty of inexpensive things to do, like spending the day at the beach, or walking along the boardwalk and the shops. With an abundance of vendors and restaurants along the beach, you will be able to find cuisine that fits your taste and your wallet. You deserve a beach vacation, and your limited budget won’t stop you from having a great time in Myrtle Beach.

Nashville, Tennessee

A trip to the south can add a quick, with gas prices, food, lodging and entertainment, but not if you plan your trip wisely. The city of Nashville may have the glamour and excitement of the country music world, but it doesn’t mean your bank account will have to suffer. If you take the time to plan your trip, you can find great deals. Nashville is known for having inexpensive hotel prices. You don’t have to skimp on quality to keep costs cheap in Nashville. The city is also a prime spot for barbecue, and with so many dinging options, you will surely be able to find delicious food on a budget. Nashville is also home to plenty of musicians who often play at restaurants and bars. With dinner and a show all at your fingertips, you don’t have to pay much for a good time in Nashville.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

If you’re looking to really save some big bucks, yet still get the adventure you crave, a camping trip to Yellowstone National Park may be just right for you. Camping is relatively inexpensive, and can be done almost anywhere, but amp up the trip by setting up camp within one of the nation’s favorite national parks. Here you have lots to explore, including mountains, volcanoes, hot springs, and more. Your family will get to be active and adventurous with a taste of the great outdoors, and you will save lots of money on lodging and food by pitching a tent and packing snacks. This super cheap action spot is sure to be a hit!

Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

A favorite of families across the Midwest, this resort town is the jackpot of exciting, yet budget- friendly vacations. Within the Wisconsin Dells, there is quite a variety of lodging options, many of which include their own pools and waterparks. While these resorts may be a bit more expensive, their attractions are typically all inclusive, meaning your family will not have to pay extra for activities and entertain. If you choose a less expensive hotel, there are still plenty of attractions around town that will not be too costly, such as theme parks, waterparks, mini golf, bars, and more. There is something for everyone at the dells. Take your family to the heart of Wisconsin for a fun and affordable vacation.


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