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Even the stars need a vacation from their glamorous lives. From fabulous resorts to sailing their personal yachts, there are some popular spots these celebs tend to pop up.

Check out these hot celebrity vacation spots, and maybe your next vacation will be spent with the stars.

Miami, Florida, US

The odds of catching a celeb in action this summer are very high in Miami. This hot spot is a favorite of the Hollywood natives, due to the hot beaches, the fair weather, and the amazing night life in the city. Recently celebrities like Russell Brand, Amber Rose, and Whitney Port, have all been seen chilling out beach side. A trip to South Beach in Miami followed by a night out at the elite bars could lead to a celeb sighting.

Paradise Island, Bahamas

This island is home to the highly acclaimed all-inclusive hotel “The Atlantis.” This spot draws in the most elite all over the country, and some are even here to stay, or at least for the summer. Celebrities like Michael Jordan and Nicholas Cage have even purchased real estate on this island, and are often sighted vacationing in their lush summer homes. Can you blame them? Anyone as rich as them would surely spend more of their time in the Caribbean!

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Everyone loves a nice vacation to Mexico to enjoy some great food and margaritas, famous people included. Actors like Jesse Metcalf, Leo DiCaprio, and Bradley Cooper have all been spotted in this tourist town. It has also been featured in an episode of ‘Laguna Beach,’ showing off the wonderful resorts and bars. With a great clubbing scene, fabulous lodging, and delicious food and drinks, there is so surprise here that even the richest and most well-known people choose Cabo as a destination spot.

Saint Tropez, France

This lovely location is a favorite of celebrities from around the world. Here stars are seen relaxing on the beach, or sunbathing on their personal Yachts in the marina. Frequent famous travelers include Kate Moss, the Beckham family, and Neil Patrick Harris. Located right of the coast of France, this beautiful beach town is just miles away from Nice, another celebrity hot spot in France.

Las Vegas, Nevada, US

All the glitz and the glamour of Vegas is only hours away from Hollywood. Here you may run into some celebs on vacation or on break from shows and hostings they may be in town for. If you are staying at one of the awesome hotels and resorts located right on the strip, you may just get a quick sighting of a celeb on the way to their presidential suite. Don’t worry though, even if you are not lodging with someone of such status, there are plenty of shows and performance to see that will feature your famous favorites.

Tahiti, French Polynesia

This wonderfully exclusive vacation spot is a favorite of famous figures. In fact, Benedict Cumberbatch was recently spotted here with his wife for their honeymoon. Due to the privacy of the island at this less- traveled spot, celebrities let themselves unwind and take a break from the paparazzi and body guards. A vacation here make result in a run-in with someone of status, but as long as your play it cool and not obstruct their privacy, you may be able to get a quick introduction or a picture. But remember, celebrities are people too and they want to relax and unwind on their vacation just as much as you do! Despite your excitement and fandom, respect their personal boundaries.

Maui, Hawaii, US

As we all know, the beach is the best vacation spot. Given its exclusivity and distance from the mainland, Hawaii is another prime beach location frequent by Hollywood’s elite. From relaxing at resort spas to chilling at the beach, celebrities scan be seen taking a break from their hectic lives alongside the general public. Next time you’re in Maui, make sure you check out who might also be staying on the island to get a glimpse of your favorite idols like the Jonas Brother, Kate Hudson, or Selena Gomez, who have all been spotted on the island.


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