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What’s a trip to the beach without a selfie to show for it? Sometimes your photographs can appear lifeless or uninteresting, but with a creative twist, you can take awesome selfies to show off your tan and all the fun you are having at your beach vacation-no filter needed!

Upgrade your Instagram page with these wonderful selfie concepts to recreate on your vacation:

“Sand-loving Selfie”

At any age, playing in the sand can be fun. Act like a little kid again and get down and dirty in the sand-it can make for a cute picture! Take a seat and throw some sand it the air like you just don’t care. Or, if you are willing, bury yourself in the sand and let some kiddos help you create a mermaid body or another comical figure to show off your funny side. These pictures show that you can let loose and enjoy your surroundings.

“Written In Sand Selfie”

We all know that a caption can be the most important part of a picture. Instead of having to add it on later, let your picture do all the talking by including a cute message. You can use a stick, or your foot, to write a simple beachy saying or message to personalize your photo. These pictures will turn out great, no caption needed.

“Traveling With Bae Selfie”

This well-known pose on social media is a hit to Instagram followers. If you are traveling with your partner, show off your combined cuteness but taking a picture of your partner holding your hand while approaching the waves. This image shows off the connection you guys have as well as your adventure-loving side. This picture can be recreated in the water, jumping of a pier, or anywhere else your heart fancies. With a cute pose in a coveted setting, your picture is sure to go over well on social media and will look absolutely adorable in a frame to be hung in your home.

“Beach Reflection Selfie”

If you like the peaceful side of the beach, and want to portray that side of you in your photo have a friend be your photographer to take this artsy picture. Sit back and enjoy the view of the beach, or stand if you prefer, and have someone take a picture of your ocean-induced trance. This image can turn out beautifully if posed correctly, and can either be taken from the side or from behind the subject. Either way, this picture makes a wonderful addition to your Instagram page by showing that you like to unwind and reflect on your beach vacation.

“Sunglasses Reflection Selfie”

A long day at the beach can result in matted hair, sweaty skin and melted makeup. If you do not feel absolutely picture perfect, try this technique. Set up your reflective shades in the sand and take the selfie in your sunglasses’ lens. This will not only make for a fun twist on a selfies by showing off your cute frames in the sand, but you will be smaller and less clear to see in your picture, making it a more flattering image.

“Underwater Selfie”

If your phone or camera is waterproof and can take on the task of taking pictures underwater, this is a must for your photo album. Show off your bold and risk-taking side by taking some shots underwater swimming with the fishes. On a tropical beach vacation, there is nothing more wonderful than exploring the bright blue ocean and all the creatures that inhabit it, so why not feature that in your next selfie? Think out of the box, and the results will be original and popular on social media.


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