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Airfare can be pricey at times, but smart travelers know all the secrets to getting the cheapest flights. From frequent flyer miles to scoping out competing sites, there are some easy ways to figure out if you are paying too much for your flight.

Here is how to tell if you are getting the best deal, or if you should wait to purchase your ticket:

Wait on it if:

You have lots of time before your trip.

While planning ahead can be beneficial, booking your flight too early is one of the most commonly made mistakes. Many feel that if they book their flight early, they will save money, but this isn’t always the case. Many times if you wait to book your flight, and continue to check on prices, you can snag a better deal on flights that couldn’t sell. As long as your stay on top of it and stay calm, you can easily find a less expensive flight.

You haven’t considered all of your travel options.

You may have looked into all the flights from Chicago to Philadelphia, but have you considered other travel options that could be cheaper? Depending on gas prices, driving, or purchasing a bus ticket could be more efficient. Or, if you are dead-set on flying, what about connecting flights? By choosing a flight with multiple stops, you may be able to save money. If you can be flexible about when you travel and can stand the half hour layover between your connecting flights, this may not be a bad idea to save some money on your flight. Before purchasing an expensive ticket for a non-stop flight, consider all of your options.

You can be flexible with your travel date and time.

If you are traveling by yourself and you don’t have a specific time and date that you NEED to find a flight, then you might want to hold off. If you have the flexibility to pick up and travel whenever you get the opportunity, wait and continue to check the prices on flights around the time you want to travel. This way you can see if tickets get lower closer to the flight and you may even be able to score someone’s last minute returned seat that the airline is desperate to sell. Your easy going ways could help you save some big bucks when it comes to booking your flight.

Book Your Flight If:

You plan to travel on an off day.

If you are looking to travel in the beginning of the month or in between major holidays, you probably will not come across flights that are outrageously priced. If you plan to travel mid-week, like sometime from Tuesday to Thursday, you will probably get an even better price. Business travelers tend to take flights on Sundays and Mondays, while the weekends tend to be busier with vacation travelers. By booking your flight in the lulls you will get a cheaper flight because of the lower demand for it.

You are shopping on a certain day and time.

If you have shopped around to compare prices for flights and you think you’ve found the one, check the time and date. It is becoming a well-known trend that Tuesday mornings are supposed to be the best time to book your flight. This is because many airlines will feature deals on Monday nights, and by the next morning their competitors feel compiled to match or beat their prices. This comes out in the travelers favor if you know when to book it, before the prices increase by the next day. If you are shopping a on Tuesday, you can rest assured knowing that you probably saved a lot of money.

You have compared A LOT and have not had any luck.

There comes a time when you can only compare so many flights before you must settle and book a flight that may be a bit more expensive than you had hoped. Some flights, like popular destinations and lesser traveled international flights will never see a big drop in price due to the high demand. If you’ve tried to compare prices and have waited to try to find the right time to go, you might as well just go ahead and book it. Some flights are just going to be more expensive, and that is something all travelers have to accept.


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