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Since most people cannot even locate Tahiti on a map, here are some fun facts about the country that you most likely don’t already know!

1. You know those bungalows that seem to float over the ocean water, and are located on every beach resort? Well, they were invented in Tahiti almost 50 years ago.

2. The word tattoo has its roots in Tahiti. Upon adulthood, the natives were decorated with tattoos to show their growth of adolescence. The term was coined by these historic Tahitians.

3. The island of Bora Bora is most commonly referred to as “The Romantic Island.” Perfect honeymoon spot, hint hint.

4. The Country of Tahiti is made up of over 118 Islands. Extend your vacation and make it to each and every one on the map!

5. While the islands are rich with history, the current population is quite young. More than half on of the current census in under 20 years of age!

6. The number of visitors that Tahiti gets in a year is equal to the number Hawaii gets in 10 days. Take the road less travelerd and book your next tropical vacation in Tahiti.

7. While Tahitian and French are the official languages of the country, English is also commonly spoken. This makes it a more welcoming travel spot for Americans and other English-Speaking tourists.

8. There are only 13 letters in the Tahitian alphabet. This makes it easier for non-natives to learn, right?

9. Vin du Tahiti, a winery in the Tahitian islands, is the only winery in the world that is built atop a coral atoll. This is a must-visit spot to visit given its uniqueness and delicious wines.

10. The temperature of the Tahitian islands regularly stays within the 70s and 80s. This is perfect beach weather to enjoy on an island vacation.

11. The Tahitian natives are widely known as some of the friendliest on the planet. However, they can also start off as shy, so if you visit, make the first move and you will be greeted in return by the wonderfully kind natives.

12. Like each home in America, there are boxes for delivered goods. While many would assume these are for mail, they are actually for French bread! The residents get loaves delivered twice a day. Ironically, mail need to be picked up from their post offices, though.

13. While English speakers have renamed the islands, Bora Bora was actually originally named Pora Pora, because there is no “b” in the Tahitian alphabet. The early visitors of the island simply misheard the name upon arrival.

14. The currency of Tahiti is the pacific franc. One US dollar is equal to about 109 pacific francs.

15. The tiare is the national Flower of Tahiti. Natives like to wear them in their hair or behind their ears. If placed behind the left ear it means you are taken, the right means you are still on the search for a mate.

16. Fakarava, one of the best destination spots within the Tahitian Islands is also known as the “Island of Dreams.”

17. Tahiti is in the same time zone as Hawaii, and is about 2,000 miles directly south of the main island.

18. When visiting the Tahitian islands, tipping is not customary. It is neither required, nor expected but can still be a kind gesture!

19. While Tahiti has its own government, it is officially categorized as an Overseas Country of France. Oui Oui, it is indeed.

20. Sales tax does not exist is Tahiti. Therefore, shopping sprees are instantly cheaper and more fun in the Tahitian Islands.

21. Fakarava is the newest resort destination within the Tahitian Islands, yet it is actually the one of the first islands to host a strong population of indigenous folks when the islands were first discovered.

22. The capital of Tahiti is Papeete. The English translation of this words is “water basket.” This explains the topography of the islands.

23. Visitors can rest easy knowing that there are no poisonous bugs or snakes on this exotic island.

24. Black pearls can only be found naturally in the Tuomotu Islands of French Polynesia. This makes them a hot commodity worldwide.

25. The most populated city in the Tahitian Islands is Papeete, with less just over 26,000 residents. However, Bora Bora is the most popular spot for visitors.


linda langley
# linda langley
Wednesday, June 10, 2015 3:55 PM
I always wanted to go to Tahiti but can't afford it so picures and dreams.

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