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Smokey Mountain Campground-Gatlinburg, TN

The Great Smokey Mountains offer some prime spots for camping. If your family likes being active, a hike to the top of the mountains is a must. From there you’ll get an unobstructed view of the valleys, trees and wildlife. This breathtaking sight will make you wonder why you ever bought a house to live in. Enjoy the fresh air and plan your next camping trip at the Smokey Mountain Campgrounds. No worries, there are plenty of lodges nearby for when you need a hot shower and a comfy bed to sleep in.

Tahoe State Park-Tahoe City, CA

This prime spot located right along Lake Tahoe is a beautiful spot to camp and fish. Take in all that the wilderness has to offer by pitching a tent in this perfect place. The lake is crystal clear and perfect for a dip or a ride in the canoe. The site is located right along the mountains, which is not only an amazing view, but a great place to go on a nice hike. With all these wonderful natural attractions, Lake Tahoe makes for a prime camping location.

Manzita Campground- Sedona, AZ

If hot weather is your thing, then a camping trip to the warm, dry desert lands of Arizona may be right up your alley. Manzita Campgrounds in Sedona Arizona offers tent-only facilities to give visitors the true taste of camping in the wild west. While the desert can be very dry, there are convenient fishing and swimming holes located around the Oak Creek Canyon to keep visitors cool and hydrated. If your family wants to take a break from camping, a trip into town offers many, dining, shopping, and lodging choices that will effectively give everyone a relaxing break from camping. This makes Sedona the best camping spot in Arizona.

Yosemite National Park Campgrounds-Groveland, CA

This well-known landmark and national park makes for a great spot to camp. The glorious mountains cliffs, and waterfalls, make for the perfect sightseeing spots, and campers are allowed to pitch their tents right within the park! You will never get to sleep this close to a national landmark ever again. The wildlife inhabiting the park only adds to the visual appeal and rustic feel to campsite. Camping in Yosemite National Park is for the true camping enthusiasts.

Lafayette Campground- Franconia, NH

Don’t worry guys, there are beautiful sites to camp out on the east coast as well. The Franconia Notch State park in New Hampshire is full of mountains, fresh air, and wildlife; the stuff campers dream of. The park is located right within a mountains pass, so mountains surround the campsite extending for miles. While the rustic and natural side of camping gives visitors a refreshing and simple vacation, there is also a tramway that connect to the summit of cannon mountain and offers riders a complete bird’s eye view of the land. This is an awesome activity your family can enjoy while camping in New Hampshire.

Devil’s Lake State Park-Baraboo, WI

Right in the heart of this country in Wisconsin, is the oddly named park and campgrounds called Devil’s Lake. Devil’s Lake is the biggest state park in Wisconsin, and is a lovely spot to camp and swim, despite the peculiar name. The campsite in the state park is right on the lake and the moraine surrounding it displays a wonderful view of the unique landforms created by the glaciers during the ice age. Swimming, boating, and other water sports are easily accessible to visitors. Rock climbing and hiking are other popular pastimes for campers, but can be a bit risky in certain areas. As long as campers stay on the paths and take precaution when camping at Devil’s Lake, the trip will be a pleasant one.

Desert Skies RV Resort-Mesquite, NV

Located only about an hour outside of the grand city of Las Vegas, Mesquite makes a fine spot to camp and enjoy the great outdoors. While the desert can be dry and rocky, Desert Skies RV Resort allows for RVs to drive up and park in a convenient camping location that your family will love. This campsite not only offers a wonderful view of the mountains and great hiking options, but also has a bathroom and laundry facilities, as well and a large in ground pool. Stay clean, fresh and relaxed while camping in Mesquite.


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