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A vacation to South Carolina may just be a secret gold mine for photography. From the beach to the plantations, there is an abundance of charm and grace in this state, and not just within those southern belles.

Check out these beautiful yet underrated spots in South Carolina that will instantly amp up your Instagram account:

Congaree National Park-Hopkins, SC

Get a breathtaking glimpse of Mother Nature in her untouched state. Congaree National Park has the largest area of old growth bottomland hardwood forest that still remains within the United States. Located about 100 miles northwest of Charleston, this South Carolina Landmark is known for its tall trees, shady swamps, and its natural, unscathed beauty. Be one with nature by visiting the park during your stay in South Carolina.

Myrtle Beach Boardwalk & Promenade, Myrtle Beach, SC

A trip to the shore is a favorite pastime of tourists in Myrtle Beach. While the bright blue waves of the ocean hitting the sand is easy on the eyes, the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk and Promenade is another fabulous view to see. With a long walk way that expands into the water, and a variety of attractions and restaurants, the boardwalk delights the eyes and entertains the family. No filter necessary. Make sure you check out all that the boardwalk has to offer next time you visit Myrtle Beach.

Caesar’s Head State Park-Cleveland, SC

Located right along the northern border of the state, Caesar’s Head State Park offers must-see views of nature. This park contains some wonderful trails to hike as well as campsites to stay at. If you visit the park, you must hike to the Caesar’s Head Overlook to see the amazing view of the mountains and cliffs within the park. The picture perfect site will leave you speechless, and your Instagram pictures will make all of your followers (even the nature-haters) jealous.

Downtown Charleston-Charleston, SC

Throw it back to the old days by visiting the historic town of Charleston. Rich with American history, the city is full of life and memories. The quaint downtown area of Charleston has a rustic and dainty appeal to it with its bright colors and old-fashioned architecture. The Pineapple Fountain located in the Historic Waterfront Park right across from the coast is brings a delightful and unique touch to the picturesque town. This cute little town is a gorgeous spot you must visit in South Carolina.

Harbour Town Lighthouse, Hilton Head Island, SC

While pictures of the beach can get old, Hilton Head Island has some awesome attractions to spice up your vacation pictures. The Harbour Town Lighthouse located on the coast is the island’s most beloved landmark. A photo of the lighthouse framed by the yachts tracing the shore gives your shot a nautical theme that will make your Instagram followers want to take to the sea.

Brookgreen Gardens-Murrells Inlet, SC

This garden not only features the art of many acclaimed sculptors, but also functions as a wildlife preserve to maintain the natural grace of the land, while protecting the plants and wildlife that inhabit it. Located only 17 miles outside of Myrtle Beach, this is a serene spot to visit when you need a break from the bustling beach. Brookgreen Gardens gives tourists a taste of fine cultural and historical sights, while seamlessly meshing with its natural setting. The juxtaposition of these fascinating features makes Brookgreen Garden the perfect spot to take pictures.

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens-Charleston, SC

What was once a plantation owned by the late Drayton family, is now a stunning spot of attraction for tourists of South Carolina. It is no wonder why Magnolia Plantation is a prime place for wedding ceremonies to be held. This lovely location has maintained its allure for multiple centuries. In fact, it has only gotten better with age. The site offers tours of the gardens and plantation, and walks visitors through the winding history of the spot. Surrounded by flowers, trees and exotic animals, there is not a single spot to take a bad picture at the Magnolia Plantations and Gardens.


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