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You've been dying to take a vacation, but your wallet currently cannot handle it. Here are some ways to save the money for that trip you deserve:

Start Planning Early

First, narrow down exactly where you want to go and decide what kind of lodging and dining options are best for you and your budget. By having a clear goal of where and when you want to travel, you can start budgeting for your vacation and set an explicit timeline for when you need to have the money saved.

When choosing your vacation spot and choice of lodging, keep your financial status in mind. Make sure that dream vacation you’ve been wanting to take is within reach, or else you will plan a vacation you cannot afford. Your vacation should be fun and satisfying, but make sure you have a realistic goal in mind.

Once you settle on a vacation site, you can begin to map out your trip. By planning early in advance, you can scope out the travel sites and flight prices to see when you should buy tickets and make reservations. You can save a lot of money by planning your trip at the appropriate time. Leave yourself time to wade through the choices and figure out what works best for your budget.

Set A Daily Allowance

When you’re trying to save up for the vacation, set spending limits for yourself. Budget your money, and know how much you can spend per day, or per week, to stay on track with your financial goals.

To stick to your allowance, you can try to carry only a small amount of cash on hand, or set a spending limit on your debit card so that you will not be tempted to go over. By limiting your daily spending, you will be able to save money while acquiring some healthy money-saving habits like packing a lunch over buying fast food, or opting out of ordering dessert after dinner. In the long run, your money-saving habits will pay off.

Cut Out Unnecessary Splurges

If you like the idea of saving money that you normally spend, but you don’t think you have the self-control to stick to a budget, try to simply cut down on the big splurges you take. This approach is great for those with shopaholic tendencies, because it doesn't completely suppress the shopper

While a daily allowance may seem like an unrealistic goal, cutting down on the unnecessary impulse purchases like that designer purse you've been eyeing or tickets to that basketball game you are not absolutely dying to see, can make a big difference in your budget.

Instead of denying yourself a scoop of your favorite ice cream or a beer with your friends because your daily allowance would not allow it, simply cut out the bigger splurges you take. You don’t have to change your entire lifestyle to budget for that vacation.

Plan Your Meals

The money you spend on food and groceries each week adds up fast, especially if you are providing for your household. To save up money on your vacation, make some smarter choices when it comes to feeding the family.

Start by cooking more meals to avoid eating out. While it may be tempting to order out after a long day of work, your wallet will suffer the consequences. Try making a frozen pizza or microwaveable meals for days when you don’t feel like cooking.

For those committed to coking and sticking to a budget, try making a weekly meal plan. By planning out and preparing meals ahead of time, you can save time and money. This can help you save money and also help you eat healthier to prepare for your vacation.

Set Up A Vacations Savings Account

You may already have a piggy bank full of loose change and singles that you found under the couch cushions, but this is not going to fund your vacation plans. Make a lasting effort to save up for your dream vacation by opening a vacations savings account.

This way, you can set aside money to fund your vacation, without the temptation of spending it. You can also set it up so that an allotted amount of money from your paychecks are automatically deposited into the account. Some of these savings accounts do collect interest, but if you’re saving up for a short-term vacation, this probably will not help you much. The focus of the account is simply to put away money for the purpose of a vacation and to give you more of an incentive to keep your hands off of it.


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