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With the sand between your toes and the sun soaking through your pores, your paradise has been discovered. It’s simple; life is better at the beach. It’s the spot you dream of, and save every dollar you can to visit. For you beach-lovers of the U.S., here is the ultimate guide to the best beaches you need to check out now.

1. Myrtle Beach - Myrtle Beach, SC

This popular vacation spot is a hit for many reasons, but the biggest one is its gorgeous beach. Myrtle Beach is prime vacation spot of North Carolina due to its alluring and engaging beach scene. The view is spectacular, complete with an outstanding boardwalk full of restaurants, shops and attractions, this beach is more than just sand and water. This is a great spot for the whole family due to the many options of activities at the beach. From sunbathing to parasailing, there is something for each individual who visits this beach.

2. Main Beach-Laguna Beach, CA

There’s a reason why Californians are so easy going, and it is most definitely due to their proximity to the beach. Get a glimpse of the Southern California lifestyle in the lovely resort city of Laguna Beach. Featured in numerous reality shows and drama series, the public’s attraction to Laguna Beach is obvious due to its pristine public beaches, and its proximity to both Los Angeles and San Diego. Main Beach is the most popular beach in Laguna, and is close to downtown Laguna Beach. The scenery includes an unparalleled view of the coast and gives vacationers a delicious taste of the beach bum lifestyle. With an ample amount of sunshine and palm trees, how can your vacation go wrong?

3. Hollywood Beach - Fort Lauderdale, FL

A visit to Fort Lauderdale may result in a permanent relocation to Florida. The beaches of Fort Lauderdale are vivacious and full of life for the action seekers on vacation. There is no absence of activity here, considering the numerous water sports and beach activities that are available to partake in, including sand volleyball, Jet Ski rentals, boat tours, and more. Alongside the beach is the Hollywood Beach Boardwalk that allows folks to travel beach-side on bikes and roller skates. Across from the boardwalk, there is an abundance of shops nearby if a quick sunblock stop is needed. However, the best part of Fort Lauderdale is the beautiful hotels and condos located right on the beach. This way you’ll never have to leave the beach!

4. Hatteras Beach - Outer Banks, NC

The Outer Banks of North Carolina is a prime spot for beach lovers of all kinds. With over 125 miles of sandy beaches, the beauty is endless, but the best of the beaches resides in the Southern part of the Outer Banks on Hatteras Island. Hatteras Beach has southern charm and beautiful scenery, which makes it the perfect place for to relax and unwind. Beach-goers can take a long stroll along the shore and take in all the beautiful views that the Outer Banks have to offer. For those who long for more excitement, don’t worry. Hatteras Beach has it all. Visitors can take to the sea to fish, or test their athletic ability by kayaking on the water.

5. Wailea Beach - Maui, HI

If you’re looking for the most picturesque beaches of the bunch, check out the beaches of Hawaii. If you are on the Southern coast of Maui, Wailea Beach is a destination you can’t miss. This beach could simply not be a more perfect spot to spend your unused vacation days. Simply sunbathing on the beach is a lovely pastime for guest, but whale watching is another favorite attraction for the tourist of the Island. With its exotic beauty and other earthly appeals, Wailea Beach is sure to instill a pleasant and laidback attitude in even the most wound-up of guests. Paradise is an understatement when describing Wailea Beach and atmosphere of the Island.

6. North Beach - South Padre Island, TX

While everything is bigger in Texas, this small island off the Southern tip of Texas is home to some of the best beaches in the Country. With a stretch of beaches lasting for 34 miles, South Padre Island is a must-hit spot for folks who simply cannot get enough of the beach and all its glory. While there are many amazing beaches in South Padre Island, North Beach is the most popular and convenient beach on the island. With its warm waters of the gulf and the many tourist attractions, the salty spray of the ocean and the warm breeze is calling your name at North Beach in South Padre Island.

7. Orange Beach - Gulf Shores, AL

A passport is unnecessary to get a taste of the Gulf. Orange Beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama is the perfect spot to get your tan on with its white sand beaches, warm breezes and crystal clear waters. While the beauty of the beach alone is sure to impress, the activities offered bring an exciting addition to your family vacation. Relax on the beach and sink your toes into the soft sand as your kids take scuba diving lessons. Nearby Orange Beach, are other attractions that your family will appreciate such as golfing and the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo. Your family will love Orange Beach.

8. Breakwater Beach - Cape Cod, MA

If your beach dreams feature a more serene setting, then a trip to Cape Cod may be just what you need. Outer Cape Cod has a 40 mile stretch of untouched beaches that are perfect for a tranquil afternoon on the shore…and Breakwater Beach may just be the best one. Breakwater Beach is a public beach that is a convenient for tourists to travel and park their vehicles. The temperature averages in the 70s over the summer, which makes it a perfect temperature for those who can’t stand the heat. Breakwater Beach in Cape Cod is the perfect spot to sit back, read a book, and enjoy the view of the simplistic beach.


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