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Planning a vacation can be time-consuming, expensive, and just overall stressful. Luckily, there are two relatively new travel services out there trying to change that. Whether you’re booking a flight or a hotel, these websites were created to do the heavy lifting for you – and they’re doing a great job.

Trip Rebel

The idea behind Trip Rebel is that you can never predict when the perfect moment to book a hotel room is, since the prices change unpredictably with supply and demand. Everyone wants to relax on vacation, but most people are reluctant to deal with the stress of setting a budget and planning their vacation accordingly. With Trip Rebel, you won’t have to anxiously keep checking back on a hotel’s website for a good deal, or worry that you’ve already passed on the best price. The Germany and Austria-based website allows you to search and book a hotel room from over 200,000 listed properties. And then the real magic happens.

From the time you book the hotel on their website to the day before you check in, Trip Rebel will check to see if the room’s price has dropped. If it has, you are refunded the entire difference, paid right back to your credit card. There are no money-back limits, and the website estimates that the average rate reduction is $27. Although Trip Rebel doesn’t offer room upgrades yet, the service is free – they earn a commission from the hotel you book with through their website, not taking a penny from the money you save. Of course, you also save time you might have spent consulting other websites that claim to have competitive hotel prices, which can’t refund you the same way. Whether it’s $7 or $65, you can take the money you saved and put it towards your next vacation – or maybe use it on a few extra margaritas for this one.


What Trip Rebel does for booking hotels, FLYR is looking to do for booking flights. For the average person, it’s impossible to know when the price of a flight will go up or down, and that’s where FLYR’s algorithm comes in. Here’s how it works: you enter a flight number and departure date into the website, which uses data analytics to tell you if you should book the flight or wait. The website is still new, but supports “105,931 US flights on 440 routes, departing over the next 30 days.” It allows users to book their low-fare flights for 7 days, keep track of any fare changes that happen within that week, and if a better deal comes along, the consumer can switch to it without any of the dreaded and expensive airline penalties. Naturally, an iOs app is already in the works.

While you want to save money by doing your research, searching for cheap tickets is a job in itself that doesn’t always pay off. FLYR claims that people spend an average of 6.5 hours over a month researching and booking a flight, during which time airfares rise 25%. FLYR was created to help people fight the “ineffectiveness” of booking flights by allowing you to do so on its website in two minutes. FLYR erases the time you would spend on researching competitive prices, and catches what you might have overlooked. It also takes away the overpayment and change fees that create stress in travelers but which are a regular part of the travel industry. Unlike Trip Rebel, FLYR charges a fee for this service, but it’s “below $30 on average for a $400 US domestic ticket, for a 7-day protection.” Now instead of being the center of your stress when planning a trip, booking a flight can be a quick and easy part of your day.


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