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The recent release of the iPhone 6 was creating buzz over its bigger screen (4.7 inches over the iPhone 5’s measly 4), sleeker body, and the new software improvements. Those improvements proved not only handy for the everyday smartphone user, but make the iPhone 6 invaluable for the frequent traveler as well.

New features


The iPhone 6 is friendly to travelers even in its basic make-up. The iPhone 6 is thinner and lighter which makes it easier to travel with than its predecessor, but it’s also tougher. The screen is shatter-resistant, made from ion-strengthened glass, so it will stay intact even if you drop it in the streets of Rome or down the stairs of the Lincoln Memorial. Another one of the hassles of traveling is using the phone. International calls can be expensive, and even national calls are difficult to make if you’re in a secluded area with poor reception. A new program called VoLTE allows your phone calls to be made using Wifi. With the iPhone 6, you don’t need to worry about your data plan or how many bars you have. The Wifi itself is also now three time faster, finally making it easy to get online from abroad.



The first thing people want to see when you come back from vacation are the pictures you took. Whether you traveled away to a tropical island or to visit family, the photographs are how you keep those memories. The iPhone has always had a great camera, but the new features on the iPhone 6 rival those of any expensive camera you would bring along. Each photo is captured it its best with a more precise autofocus, True Tone flash for accurate coloring, and Focus Pixels for sharper photos in low light. If you want to take action photos while sightseeing animals, the new “Burst mode” allows you to take multiple pictures at once. You can even shoot videos in slow-motion! Your photographs will be automatically saved to the iCloud for storage, so you never have to worry about losing or accidentally deleting them. With this camera, you can leave your bulky Nikon at home and save yourself the suitcase space.



The last thing you want to worry about when sightseeing is when your phone battery is going to die. A low battery life used to mean either making frequent trips back to the hotel to charge your phone, or monitoring your use of the device by taking less photos of your adventures. However, it’s hard to limit your use of a smartphone when it’s your camera, phone, and computer for the vacation. Now the iPhone 6 has increased raw battery capacity which allows it to last 25% longer than the iPhone 5. Instead of hunting around the airport for an outlet, you can listen to music for up to 50 hours, Yelp a good restaurant to eat at when you land, and use use 11 hours of Wifi. That means you can watch the entire first season of The Mindy Project during your flight and still land with battery time.



The iPhone 6 comes equipped with “Apple Pay.” Apple Pay is an upcoming digital wallet service that will replace credit and debit cards by allowing you to pay for services with a tap of your smartphone. The Near Field Communications antenna on the iPhone 6 allows you to make payments with your phone alone, so you can leave your wallet behind with the assurance that it will not get lost or stolen. Apple Pay is just getting started in the US, where you can use it to rent a car with the Uber app, or book reservations at a restaurant with the OpenTable app. Payments are authenticated with the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, and if you lose your phone any access to your accounts can be wiped off with the Find My Phone feature.

Whether you’re a traveler roaming 200 miles or 2000, the iPhone 6 is guaranteed to make the experience more convenient. With the increased battery you’ll have less travel anxieties, and the improved camera ensures that your photographs will preserve the memories of your trip in top quality.


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