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You’ve probably been on vacation and wished you could bring your computer, iPad, and/or smart phone down by the pool to lounge with. Maybe you’ve even risked bringing it waterside. But the strong odds of getting your gadget damaged or stolen was probably a sign that meant we don’t need to be plugged in everywhere we go; or, it just meant the right invention hadn’t been made yet. But it’s here now, and its name is PoolSafe.

Despite the name, the PoolSafe has nothing to do with keeping you safe while swimming. Instead, it keeps your gadgets safe while you’re enjoying the hotel pool – safe from water, thievery, and dead battery.

The PoolSafe is located next to the lounge chairs of select hotels and is so convenient, you’ll never have to leave the pool area. The surface serves as a tabletop and the solar panels help charge the USB port that is compatible for your phone, camera, or ipad so you’ll never have to run back to your room to recharge. So if you’re traveling for work, you can feel free to get in some relaxation time knowing that your phone will be right next to you if you need to check it. You’ll be easily accessible with fully charged devices as you lay by the pool, and if you have to leave to go to the bathroom you’ll know your PDA is secure in the PoolSafe’s safe.

As you nap, your personal items can be placed in the safe compartment which is guarded with an electronic (and waterproof) keypad. In fact, the entire item is waterproof and comes with a “spill spout” so if you spill your drink onto it, your beverage will simply drain down the side. No muss, no fuss. The PoolSafe was created to save you stress, and it does. You can stay in communication with your family, office, and have a secure place to put your valuables when you do get a chance to enjoy your vacation.

PoolSafe also has a call button that connects to the hotel’s wi-fi so you can communicate with the kitchen staff for food and beverages without getting up and yes, it even has cupholders (three). PoolSafe will keep you exactly where you want to be, as it eliminates any reason to leave your lounge chair. Were someone to try and steal it from you, the PoolSafe would be recovered with its GPS tracking. There is even a simple storage compartment for the items that don’t need to go into the safe – your sunglasses, the kid’s coloring books, extra sunscreen, etc.

Being relatively new and fairly pricey, PoolSafe is only available at certain hotels such as the Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas, and select Westins and Marriots. Even at those hotels, the PoolSafe is only available in the VIP areas. The PoolSafe can be ordered with each resort’s hotel colors and insignia, shrink-wrapped to advertise certain products, or simply ordered in the color of your choice if you buy one for personal use. Its chameleon-like ability to fit a business’s advertising needs was taken into account when conceptualizing its sleek design, which is simple enough to broadly display any product placement. With so much thought having gone into it, PoolSafe lives up to its promise to make your vacation a more peaceful and convenient experience.


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