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Wherever you find yourself this Halloween, you’ll be able to celebrate the true meaning of the holiday: fear. Here we’ve given you a list of the best haunted houses across America, certified as horrific by the visitors of, to make sure that you have a screaming good time.

13th Floor Haunted House – Chicago, Illinois

Recommended by Hauntworld Magazine as the haunted house to go to if you’re in the Chicago area. The 13th Floor “sets a new benchmark” for haunted houses in the area. Guests even get to pick how long they wait, or if they can’t wait at all and need to go in immediately (although those who choose to wait in line will not be exempt from being spooked). The monsters hired so inspire fear go to near-acrobatic lengths to do so. The set pieces vary from medical scenes set in a decrepit hospital to facades that have recently used on Broadway, and were brought together by a team of artists, marketers, designers, and craftsmen for the single purpose of scaring the pants off of you.

The 13th Gate – Baton Rouge, Louisiana

This haunted house will frighten you indoors and out! The 40,000 square feet are put to good use and guarantee you’ll be in a variety of situations you’ve never been in before -- whether it’s in a crematory oven or standing over a snake pit on a rickety bridge. This isn’t your neighborhood’s haunted house: it’s in the care of professional actors, special effects makeup artists, and a movie industry construction crew to keep it a place of fresh horror. Recognized by MTV, The Travel Channel, and Fangoria Magazine, The 13th Gate’s credentials speak for themselves.

Bennett's Curse Haunted Attraction – Jessup, Maryland

As one of the Top 25 "must-see" Haunted Houses in the country, as well as being featured on "America's Scariest Halloween Attractions" and "Making Monsters," Bennett’s Curse makes for an epic thrill because it’s actually THREE haunted houses under one roof. Laying between Baltimore and DC. Jessup’s attraction offers you a tour of “Medieval Underworld,” “Inferno 3D,” and the new “Sanctuary of Insanity.” You’ll encounter torture devices, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and creepy characters like the “Good Doctor.” Bennett’s Curse keeps viewers chilled with its progressive technology and by employing the most terrifying parts of history and your imagination.

The Crypt – Mesa, Arizona

One of Arizona’s longest running Haunted Houses, The Crypt boasts three attractions: Asylum, the Crypt, and the new Chaos Maze. You may run into the horrible experiments in the mental hospital where madness reigns in Asylum, or you may spend your evening evading the shadows where the Crypt Keeper and his army of undead are waiting. Either way, it’ll be a scream.

Thrashers House of Terror – Mount Pleasant, Iowa

This House is determined to scare the hell out of you. A slightly more family-friendly sort of scary, it is nevertheless disturbingly full of blood-covered walls, clowns, eerie children, a murderous bride, and plenty of questionable creatures.

Ghouls Gulch - Colorado Springs, Colorado

Ghouls Gulch has been striking fear into people’s hearts for just over 11 years. Combining old and new, Ghouls Gulch recently added the Sanitarium 3D Haunted House, making the only 3D Haunted House in Southern Colorado. The Sanitarium 3D experience will take you “through the Eyes of the Insane” with 3D glasses.

The Haunted Stadium – Aiea, Hawaii

Cited as "The Best Haunted Attraction on Oahu,” The Haunted Stadium is a maze of flesh-earing psychos, ghosts, and the living dead. The Haunted Stadium is made up of Aloha Stadium’s Underground Tunnel and Hospitality Room, but after the United Pacific Builders finish transforming it you won’t recognize it. Besides gambling your soul with creatures who would like to chomp you, your presence also supports the community: a portion of the proceeds from tickets goes to the Hawaii Meth Project.

Terror in the Jungle – Miami, Florida

Not only is this one a haunted attraction voted Florida’s Scariest Haunted House, but it’s also a trail experience! While exploring five acres of jungle, you may run into mutated animals, zombies, military HAZMAT units, only to make it to the booby-trap filled Ruins Pyramid. But don’t worry! If you get caught up by the Aztecs you’ll be added to the Wall of Lost Souls.


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