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Located between Nevada and California, Lake Tahoe is not only the largest apline lake in North America, but also one of the deepest, at 1,645 ft. Surrounded by forestry and covered by a giant, beautiful sky, there are many activities to enjoy at Lake Tahoe all year round.

Helicopter Rides

The best view of the beautiful Lake Tahoe is in midair. Take a 45 minute tour toward South Tahoe Lake, up through Emerald Bay, and circle back along the western shore near Tahoe City. Every passenger gets a window seat!


A popular activity during warmer months, boating in Lake Tahoe can be a relaxing or thrilling experience. Take a speed boat out with friends or rent a kayak for a time of solitude.


With over 20 campgrounds to choose from, Lake Tahoe is an ideal location for camping, whether you're in the forest or out by the lake.


Lake Tahoe has one of the largest concentrations of ski resorts in the world. They offer lodgings and even stay open all summer, offering separate activities during those warmer months, such as golfing. (During the winter months, snow boarding is also a much loved activity!)


Fishing is a year-round sport at Lake Tahoe. An experienced guide will ensure your time fishing is well spent, always ready to give advice on catching their Kokanee Salmon, Mackinaw, Brown Trout, and Rainbow Trout.


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