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We decided this weekend that we are going to us one of our VacationSellout Gold Package trips to go to Las Vegas from October 15-19th.  Nothing particularly special just an excuse to get away for a couple of days.    We weren’t hard set on the dates but we were hardset on going in the middle of October. 

So we went to Kayak and my jaw dropped even this far out (5 months!) it was going to cost us 332 a person (664 total) just to travel to Las Vegas.  This was more than we’d spent on our last 2 road trips combined (thanks to VacationSellout, of course)


I knew my wife was not going to be thrilled to spend that much on travel so I went to Google.

I typed in “flight search” and I came across the Google flights section.  I hadn’t ever seen it before but I was quickly enthralled.  There aren’t many products I’ve come across in my life where the Google option wasn’t superior to the alternatives (I’m looking at you, Google+ )

I put in the same dates and Google spit out a price that was EXACTLY the same.  My heart sank.


But then the great Google god did not disappoint.  Look, in a lighter grey just above my current fare—I could say 122 dollars if I was willing to return a day earlier.

Okay, that sucks.  Losing a night in Vegas to save 122 dollars didn’t make sense to me so I started playing around with the tool and then I noticed this:


I could figure out what it was at first but then it became obvious—it’s a graph of the pricing.  How much you’ll pay each day.  I figured out that if I left a day early and came home a day earlier than I originally anticipated I could fly to Vegas for 260 a person. 


So to review the math—Kayak offered me 332, Google did at first as well but then told me I could save money by slightly altering my plans and with a little tinkering using their graphing function I was able to save 72 dollars a person— almost 22% savings.  


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