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Do you leave beaches? Great seafood? Let us give you 13 reasons why we think your new vacation should be the Grand Cayman Island.


1) Stingray City


If your family is anything like mine, this is the kind of family adventure that will remain in stories for years to come. You take a boat out to a sandbar in the middle of the Carribean, you jump off the boat and there you are in Stingray City. Everywhere you look there are hundreds of the creatures swarming about eating squid thrown off the side of the boat. In my expert opinion and considering Mother’s Day is this weekend—Moms absolutely LOVE stingrays.

2) Seven Mile Beach


This is seriously one of the best beaches in the Caribbean (and probably the world!) also it is entirely public property so you can walk up and down the entire thing and not get hassled by any property owners.


3) The Crystal Clear Blue Water


Grand Cayman sits in one of these amazing ocean locations where the water is almost always tranquil and the shade of blue off the water when the sun hits it just right is the kind of sight you could see every day and never grow tired.

4) Snorkel The Devil’s Grotto

This is one of my favorite snorkeling destinations in the region and a major reason behind that is the coral formations—a few great pass throughs that are deep but not so deep you worry about being able to get back up.


5) Cayman Jerk Chicken

 So, locals are probably going to hate me for this but we asked one of our taxi drivers where we could get great food and he recommended Dukes on Seven Mile Beach, specifically he recommended the jerk chicken at Duke’s and it was delicious—a great flavor and a great atmosphere. Well worth the walk.


6) Full Moon Pig Roast

So, now that my mind is on food—I can’t forget about this event- each full moon Ortanique hosts an all you can eat and drink pig roast. It’s literally the best pig you’ll eat.


7) Submarine Ride

Yes really. Grab a window and take a seat and watch the beauty of the ocean unfold infront of you…all without putting on a bathing suit.

8) Catamaran / Fishing Trip


Grand Cayman still has some of the best fishing in the Carribean—if you catch the right season the Tuna is absolutely unbelievable.


9) Cayman Turtle Farm

If stingrays aren’t really your speed, maybe turtles will be. 500,000 People a year are eager to check out the turtle farm—you should too!


10) Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Park

Need a day away from the excitement of the beach? The botanical park is a great place to see beautiful native plants and animals.

11) Dinner Cruise to Rum Point

This is one of my favorite memories from anywhere in the carribean. A large catamaran will pick you up at Seven Mile Beach and you’ll take a cruise up the coastline to Rum Point. Go during the week to avoid the mad cap weekend crush and don’t miss the 9:30 boat back!


12) Ride a Horse In The Water


Okay, so I hate horses and this is entirely second hand but apparently Spirit of the West horse rides down the beach will veer off into the crystal clear blue water. Seriously, if the idea of hiking 7 Mile Beach didn’t excite you—taking a horse down the beach might!


13) Stand Up Paddle Boarding

I mentioned earlier how clear and calm the water is which makes it the perfect place to practice one of the fastest growing water sports around—stand up paddle boarding.


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