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Although most people think that Las Vegas is the ideal "playground" for adults, the city of Mesquite has more to offer than you may have once thought. If you think that you are a bit too old for Las Vegas and you have children, you should consider taking advantage of the many activities that Mesquite has to offer you and your family. In fact, Mesquite has many activities that are geared towards entertaining both the adults and children in your family. Check out some of these fun and exciting options that you can find when traveling to Mesquite, Nevada.

The Family Can Enjoy the Outdoors Together

Mesquite is well known for offering a variety of parks, some of which include a sports complex or arboretum. Although you may expect the typical park setting to include picnic tables and barbecue areas, you will find parks with much more to offer you and your family. For example, the Desert Rose Park offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy an interactive playground system that includes some technology-based mini rides for children and safety surfacing to ensure your children avoid cuts and scrapes while playing in the park. Moreover, the park also includes a dog fountain, which is perfect for families traveling with pets.

Mesquite Nevada Holds Several Parades Including The Bourbon Street Parade

The city of Mesquite is recognized in Nevada for holding various types of events regularly throughout the year. In specific, Mesquite is home to many jazz festivals and parades filled with swing bands and percussionists. For example, families can make the most of their trip by participating in the Bourbon Street Parade, which is inspired by the major jazz parades held in New Orleans. However, the schedule for events will change annually so families will need to check the city's main website to ensure they do not miss a chance to take part in one of Mesquite's unique special events.

The Family Can Enjoy the Indoors at the "Rec" Center

Depending on the time of year, families may be seeking ways to remain active while staying indoors. If this is the case, the recreational centers in Mesquite will provide the warm and cozy facilities that are needed to enjoy the city during the colder months. In specific, families can obtain a day-pass or longer-term pass for the main recreational center in Mesquite. The amenities include basketball courts, a swimming pool, a golf simulator, and even a karate room.

The Kids Will Love Bowling

The Virgin River Hotel and Casino is a well-known tourist destination for adults visiting the city of Mesquite; however, the hotel is also known for offering a bowling facilities to its guests. This bowling area is ideal for families that are visiting Mesquite for a weekend or longer. Moreover, the hotel offers birthday packages through which families and friends can gather for a special occasion while enjoying some old-fashioned bowling.


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