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We love art. We love to travel to go see new art. We may have even taken a last minute red eye flight from ORD to PHL to check out the Barnes Foundation before it moved from its original location into the city. As art lovers, there is no place on earth that can equal the diversity of artistic expression that New York has cultivated. One of the most interesting art scenes happening in New York is rarely found in galleries-- it's street art. These are some of our favorite places to see some of the best street art in the world

Bushwick, Brooklyn

1) The Bushwick Collective

We love the street art that the Bushwick collective has created (or had created) including an amazing piece by the german street artist Case.

Photo Credit:

While this may be an amazing piece there is just a ton of great stuff in the general area. Don't believe us? Check out this Google Street View and look around-- just great art almost everywhere.

Location: 19 St Nicholas Ave Brooklyn, NY 11237

2) Tutu's in Bushwick

Nychos is one of the most interesting street artists in the worlds right now-- his mix of raw artistic skill and his expertise is anotomy makes him a unique artist to watch. Below you'll find one of our favorite pieces he's done in New York.

Photo Credit: dleone | tumbler

And yes, You can see it on Google Maps

The best part about checking out Nychos' work? You don't have to go far from the Bushwick Collective. It's only a 15 minute walk.

Location: 25 Bogart St., Brooklyn, NY 11206


Sorry, getting from Brooklyn to Queens is never an easy experience but thats okay! There are a handful of just amazing things to see in Long Island City so the trip is absolutely worth it.

What's that? You don't believe me? Well then my friends feast your eyes on...

3) 5 Pointz

Photo Credit:

Look, I can't even begin to do this place justice-- it's just amazing. A massive building curating some of the best street art in the world but truth be told it's have issues right now and is currently closed.


Google Street View: Click Here

4) 69th Street and 38th Avenue

If you're reading this article-- there is a pretty good chance you've seen Exit Through the Gift Shop and you know a thing or two about the elusive Banksy. What you may not know it late last year he spent several weeks criss crossing about NYC adding his unique perspective. Of his work in queens, this one is our favorite:

Image Credit:

Unfortunately, the work is from October, 2013 and the latest Google image of the area is from September.

Location: 69th St & 38th Ave Queens, NY 11377


5) The Harlem Graffiti Wall of Fame

It's hard to pinpoint this wall-- it changes so often and so quickly but that is part of the excitement in street art. For the last 30+ years artists have been tagging this wall and its earned the nickname the "Graffiti Wall of Fame".

Image Credit: Craig Nelson | Spotted by Locals

Location: East 106th & Park Ave

Google Street View: Click Here

6) East Second Street

Ideal Glass, a gallery located in the East Village, had a front face that was just perfect for art. They worked with just amazing artists to develop a really interesting rotating window into up and coming street artists

Photo Credit: Scott Lynch

Location:22 E 2nd St, New York, NY 10003

Google Street View: Click Here

New York prides itself on being a cultural epicenter- so even if you've been through all the main museums a dozen times, it's still the destination for art lovers of all stripes.


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