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For more than seven decades, the San Antonio Riverwalk has been lined with crowds of people who have come together for the annual Fiesta for the Texas Cavaliers River Parade. As expected, the tradition continued with more than 40 decorated floats filling the river for the day's spectacles. For this year's event, the Texas Cavaliers sold approximately 18,000 tickets for reserved seating; however, there were more than 250,000 spectators that came out to see the annual parade. Moreover, the proceeds collected from ticket sales went to children's charities and non-for-profit organizations in San Antonio. Here are some of the highlights of this year's Texas Cavaliers River Parade on the San Antonio River Walk.

Princess Spotting

As each year passes by, the Texas Cavaliers will appoint several women to play the role of parade princesses. This year, the Fiesta princess was the highlight of the show when she came out to a military band playing the United States anthem. Although the princesses have been part of the show since the parade's inception in 1941, the Fiesta princess is generally the most popular choice for the young ladies and girls in the crowd.

A Taste of New Orleans

Visitors to San Antonio were able to get a taste of authentic and traditional Louisiana cuisine, while enjoying one of San Antonio's most popular spring festivals. Along the riverwalk, crowds of people were found huddling around food and beverage tents filled with Louisiana specialties. In specific, visitors of the parade were able to sample all types of seafood, including oysters and lobster. At the same time, some music stages were set up so that they could be used as the main place to enjoy these unique Louisiana-inspired dishes.

Major Texas Musical Acts

Throughout the festival, visitors were able to take advantage of the many musical acts that were hoping to share a little Texan flavor through their music. With musical options such as Tejano, jazz, mariachi, rock, and traditional radio-friendly pop, visitors to San Antonio were likely surprised by the variety of music that they had to choose from. Although most acts were local in nature, the artists who came out to this year's Fiesta parade will surely be very missed.

The Most Interesting Beer in the World

For fans of beer, the Texas Cavaliers River Parade was considered "America's greatest night parade" according to San Antonio Magazine. This year, the festival paid homage to the famous Dos Equis man who claims to be "the Most Interesting Man in the World." Using the philosophy of the famous Dos Equis man, the goal was to make the Texas Cavaliers River Parade "the Most Interesting Parade in the World." This mission was equally supported by the sponsorship of Dos Equis as it was by the parade, with numerous Dos Equis beer tents spread across the area of San Antonio's River Walk.


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