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Acrobats of China

The New Shanghai Circus presents a variety of internationally-recognized musical and acrobatic performances that will leave you hanging at the edge of your seat. This fast-paced and exciting production known as Acrobats of China will have you feeling like the Orient has come as close to home as possible. Not to mention, you can learn about the exotic wonders of China by sitting through one of these amazing dramatic interpretations of ancient Chinese stories.

Billy Dean

The famous country music star known as Billy Dean invites tourists and residents of Missouri alike to come experience and enjoy one of his very unique live shows. As part of his performance, visitors will find that they will get a well-rounded view of the personality behind Billy Dean's famous country music. However, you will not just hear wonderfully played acoustic music; instead, you will also find occasions to laugh and maybe a few to even cry as Billy Dean will give you a memorable live show that you will unlikely be able to forget.

Christmas Wonderland

Depending on the time of year at which you travel, you can also take advantage of the Christmas season in Branson, Missouri. This musical show will ensure that you celebrate Christmas in the most joyful and glory-filled way possible. With sparkling props and highly-skilled dancers, the Christmas Wonderland show will be filled with elaborate costumes and storylines that will have you following the dazzling show from start to end.

Clay Cooper's Country Express

Are you a big country fan? If yes, you will not want to miss Clay Cooper's Country Express. This musical performance is filled with singing, dancing, comedy, and improvisation. This seven-piece band is made up of veteran entertainers who know how to satisfy the needs of their audiences. By enjoying this live-music performance, you will be able to enjoy some of country's biggest musical hits from George Jones, Hunter Hayes, and Tim McGraw.

Dancing Queen: ABBA's Greatest Hits

Branson in Missouri has become the newest favourite place for the world famous tribute show known as "Dancing Queen: ABBA's Greatest Hits." This musical performance is an extravagant show involving dancing, singing, and even some guest performances from fans of ABBA's music. The world-traveling show is typically on the road, but now visitors can be sure they will get a chance to experience this unique high-quality production at any time that they are visiting the city of Branson.

Dublin's Irish Tenors and the Celtic Ladies

This brand new show is likely going to become one of the best Irish-inspired shows in Branson. Bringing together two major groups from Ireland, the Irish Tenors and the Celtic Ladies, this dual-performance combines the angelic voices of four beautiful Irish women and five of the country's most talented tenors to bring you the most classical Irish ballads to ever be performed on a live stage in the United States.


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