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Wisconsin Dells has been a popular tourist destination for over 150 years and once you take a peek it's pretty easy to see why. One of the main features of this unique area is the MASSIVE indoor and outdoor waterparks that have taken residence in the Dells.  However, that doesn't mean the Dells are just for young families there are plenty of interesting things to do there that will keep fun-seekers of all ages entertained. That said...

Let's Be Honest. You're There For The Waterparks.  

As mentioned before, the Wisconsin Dell's is home to the largest indoor and outdoor water parks in the US which means you can enjoy them even in the middle of Wisconsin's winter (which we're pretty sure lasts at least 10 months). 

Some of our favorite parks are:


Beyond Fun in the Water

Image Credit:

The lake that the Dell's is built on is beautiful and there is no reason you couldn't spend days out of in just enjoy the natural beauty and we recommend you do!  However, if you're looking for some other ways to have fun we have a few great recommendations for you:

Tommy Bartlet Water Show - do you remember those old cheesy camp movies where people are water skiing in a pyramid?  We're pretty sure they all got that idea from Tommy Barlet's water show.  

Wizards Quest -  what do you say about something so singular?  There isn't much out there to compare it to.  You have a set amount of time inside to complete the wizards quest in an environment that falls somewhere between a Renaissance Fair and a fairly cheesy haunted house.  There are two levels/rooms depending on the age range of the children involved.

Shopping - Wisconsin Dell's has a beautiful indoor/outdoor rustic outlet mall.  While the place certainly can get crowded it never feels too claustrophobic inside.  

The Vacation Sellout team gets a kick out of the Wisconsin Dells and we think you'll have just as much fun as we have at this great family friendly destination. 


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