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Lake Tahoe is a popular destination for tourist during the hot summer months, due to its picturesque landscape and warm blue waters. Understandably it is a wonder to see when it warm out; however, the area of Lake Tahoe is just as magnificent during less busier times of the year, and there is much for visitors to do. In fact, this article will discuss some of the fun activities that you can enjoy with your loved ones during any season of the year. The next time you get some time off and you want to get away, you will want to consider the following list.

Take a Cruise on the Lake

Despite your initial thoughts, you can visit Lake Tahoe in the winter time and get on a cruise. The Lake Tahoe Cruise boats are sturdy and well-made machines to ensure that you stay warm throughout your trip. The lake serves as home to two genuine handmade paddlewheel boats, the M.S. Dixie II and Tahoe Queen. Each of the boats has its own charm that will surely make feel at home during your stay in Lake Tahoe. You can choose from brunch cruises, dinner cruises, or night cruises during which you can enjoy some late night cocktails with your loved one.

Go Up to a Heavenly Place

During the summer months, Heavenly point is the destination for all visitors to the area, most of which will hike up to the observation deck. However, visitors can enjoy the observation deck at any time of the year. With the assistance of a gondola, visitors can get up to Heavenly point within 12 comfortable minutes. Once visitors arrive, they will have the option of enjoying the views from inside the observation deck or the lodge that is situated at the peak of the mountain. With over eight miles of hiking trails, you can enjoy your time at Heavenly point for as long as you desire. You can even stay overnight by booking a room at the Tamarack Lodge.

Tour the Vikingsholm Castle

The Vikingsholm Castle is among the most famous castles in the world. It was designed to be a replica of the old Scandinavian castles from the ages of the Vikings. Now, the castle is open to visitors who wish to take a tour of its perfectly duplicated walls. Depending on the time of year, you can also drive up to the Eagle Point State Park and enjoy the views of Emerald Bay from the side of the castle.

Take a Ride on Horseback

Thanks to the landscape of Lake Tahoe, the conditions of the terrain are very well-suited for horses and horseback riding. During your trip, you can take a romantic horseback ride through the Sierras with your loved one. As you go through this forested area, you will be able to enjoy a serene and natural environment in which trails will lead you to spots with unforgettable views of the mountains and lakes. Additionally, you have the option to take a guided tour through the Sierras on horseback. The tour will last between 1.5 to two hours, and meals can be included, such as breakfast, brunch, dinner, and dessert.


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