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By this point everyone is familiar with ComicCon in San Diego and while we think it is a pretty awesome convention it is also extremely popular and can be rather difficult to get a ticket-- so if you're a fantasy or science-fiction fan you really should consider checking out these great alternatives.

DragonCon in Atlanta

Occupying over five major hotels in the area of downtown Atlanta, this four-day science fiction and fantasy convention is one of the largest of its kind in the United States. Started in 1987, this convention welcomes over 50,000 visitors each year. Although this number was much smaller during its initial years, it gained popularity among people of all ages very rapidly. In 2012, the local tourism agency in Atlanta reporting that the convention DragonCon brought in over $40 million USD to the local community in the region. As a growing business, this convention is operated solely by a private corporation, which requests the support of over 1,500 volunteers each year.

Balticon in Baltimore

Held during Memorial Day weekend in the United States, Baltimore becomes the hub for a period of four days each year. Established in 1966, fans of science fiction, writers of sci-fi books, and professionals in the industry are invited to enjoy the many activities that take place during this convention. The Balticon convention is also open to small-press publishing companies, gamers, and game developers. Thus, the convention also serves as host to several award ceremonies for professionals in the gaming and sci-fi industries. In particular, you can participate in the Compton Crook award ceremony for the best new novel of the year. Afterwards, you can enjoy the Sunday Night Short Film Festival, during which you can catch a glimpse of some of the upcoming sci-fi movies to be released the following year.

MileHiCon in Denver

In the area of the Rockies, which consists of Denver, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming, the MileHiCon takes place every year in mid-October. This time of the year is considered the "Con" season as several popular conventions also take place at or around the same time. Started in 1969, the MileHiCon is typically held at the Hyatt Regency Tech Center. Although it was originally known as Minicon, the name needed to be changed so that it did not conflict with the convention that takes place every year in Minneapolis of the same name. As one of the smaller conventions in the U.S., MileHiCon brings in about 1,000 people each year, with one of the main events being the annual masquerade ball.

AggieCon in Texas

This unique sci-fi and fantasy convention is held at the Texas A&M University during the end of March. The AggieCon convention has been hosted by the university since its inception in 1969. Known as being one of the largest sci-fi conventions in the state of Texas, it is also the first convention to be organized and developed completely by college students in the U.S. In specific, these college students are members of the Cepheid Variable Organization, and it has been represented by the motto, "Geeks and nerds since 1969," for decades. Due to the nature of the convention and its network of support, some of the biggest names from the sci-fi world have made an appearance at AggieCon in Texas, such as Greg Bear and Joe Haldeman.


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