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If you know a thing or two about chocolate, you will need to visit some of the world's most famous lands of chocolate. From dipped churros to handmade chocolate truffles, you will find the makers of chocolate on this list are only limited by their imagination when it comes to creating a variety of chocolate. Check out the destinations on this list that you will likely one day refer to as a "chocolate paradise."

Broc, Switzerland

Recognized as the home of the world's oldest chocolate makers, the Swiss brand of chocolate that is made in the village of Broc will prove worthy of penny you spent on making this trip happen. Operating since 1898, you can see the process used to make some of the most highest quality chocolate in the world. To add, you can even get treated to a sample testing session where you are brought to designated room for tasting new flavors of chocolate.

New York City, USA

This cozy bakery became famous when it first appeared on one episode of the hit television series "Sex in the City." In one episode from the earliest seasons, one of the main characters stops in to purchase a delicious red velvet cupcake. Behind the counter, you can found the owners and staff also making speciality items such as banana pudding, cherry cheesecake, and German chocolate.

Tabasco, Mexico

Some people consider this region of Mexico to be the birthplace of chocolate. In fact, the name "chocolate" is derived from the Mayan word for cocoa which is "xocoat." Moreover, the Mayan style of chocolate is still consumed today in Mexico and across the globe. In particular, the Mayan flavors of bittersweet cocoa and hints of chilli are known throughout the world and represent the popular type of Mexican chocolate that is sold today.

Vienna, Austria

In the early 1800s, the inventor of a famous chocolate sponge cake found only in Austria made history and marked Austria as one of the top destinations for chocolate in the world. This dessert was initially created to impress a potential employer and business prospect; however, it quickly spread to other well-known individuals of this period, such as princes and lords. After gaining much celebrity for his chocolate, he opened a hotel known as Vienna's Hotel Sacher, which still exists today and continues to play host to some of the world's most famous chocolate.

Madrid, Spain

The city of Madrid is definitely not one place to miss or skip over on this list of chocolate paradise locations. In fact, the chocolate and churros should be placed high in the rankings for the must-have chocolate treats on your to-do list. This immensely popular treat, known as "chocolaterias" or "churrerias," is recognized most by inhabitants of the city who will roam the streets around 4 a.m. after spending some time in the entertainment district. In specific, this trademark treat from the street is a waffle stick made of fried dough and dunked into bittersweet chocolate that is heated and thickened so that it is perfect for dipping.


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