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Although you may hope to take your vacation at the same time as everyone else, it can be worth your while to plan your travel during the off-season for tourists. Not only can you find deals to travel at low cost, but you can take in some of the world's most recognized cities at your own pace. If you are one of those professionals who can be flexible with your vacation time, you will want to consider taking a trip during low season to any of the following destinations described in this article.

Florence, Italy

Florence is one of the most recognizable cities in Italy, and everyone seems to know it. Instead of traveling at a time when schools of children will be visiting the city, you can choose to travel during low season and walk through the empty halls of some of the world's oldest and largest museums in Italy. The recommended low season for the city of Florence in particular is October, and generally it is similar for other major cities in Italy such as Rome or Milan. Typically, the summer season runs from June to August and marks the period of food and wine festivals, street markets, and competitions for pizza spinning. However, you can still enjoy these memorable features of Italy in Florence during low season. In fact, October is the harvest month for grapes used to make wine, truffles, and all sorts of olives. Moreover, the countryside plays host to more food and wine festivals. Thus, you will not be missing much besides large crowds of people if you choose to travel to Florence during low season.

Edinburgh, Scotland

One of the most popular destinations in Scotland is the city of Edinburgh. Known for its castles, foggy nights, and English-inspired accents, this city is one place you will want to consider visiting if you have time during low season to travel. Instead of walking through the hot and tourist-filled hall of the castles in the summer, you can visit this wondrous city just after the tourism season slows down. Between September and October of each year, you will see a major difference in the traffic of tourists when compared to the summer months. During early autumn, you can visit the Glentress Forest and take in the changing colors of the leaves. This park is known for provides locals with a place to take relaxing and warming autumn walks. Similarly, you will not want to miss taking a trip to see the Edinburgh Castle. This summer tourist destination is even more beautiful in the fall, especially at night when the famous fog comes in. In addition, individuals who like a little change in temperature from the hot and muggy summer months, Scotland will be able to provide the perfect temperature for those who prefer the cooler seasons of the year.

Berlin, Germany

As one of the world's most talented artists, Van Gogh chose to paint the scenes of Berlin because he believed that Berlin was the most beautiful city during the autumn season in all of Europe. If you did not know about Berlin before, you will quickly learn that it is a very serene and green place. In fact, approximately one third of the city is dedicated to green space in the form of lakes, parks, and gardens. Within these spaces, you will also find one of the most popular destinations for Christmas markets in Germany. These famous markets start at the end of November or early in December. The best part is that these markets fill the streets with sweet smells, delicious treats, and hand-crafted christmas ornaments for you to browse as you enjoy some mulled wine, also known as Gluhwein.


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