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Earthquakes Are Very Possible

Seismically, the region of Peru is no stranger to natural disasters that come in the form of earthquakes. In particular, the land that makes up Lima and Cusco (two major cities in Peru) were leveled by the frequent occurrence of earthquakes during ancient times. Moreover, Machu Picchu was the product of natural movements atop two fault lines. Since ancient builders and residents of this region were unaware of the scientific reasons behind these natural movements, some of them believed the rocks would "dance" when in fact it was earthquakes that would make them bounce around and fall back into their original places. However, Machu Picchu would not be the magnificent structure that it is today without this natural "building" method. In fact, the structures that make up this ancient city would have collapsed without these natural occurrences.

The Most Impressive Features Are Invisible

According to the notable engineer Kenneth Wright, over half of the construction that was completed in the region of Machu Picchu took placed underground. Although most people know Machu Picchu for its massive and beautiful crafted walls, much of the city's natural beauty and most impressive features can be found under the foundation. However, this underground part of the city is filled with crushed rocks and consists of deeply set foundations that were used for drainage because Machu Picchu receives more rain than most other parts of Peru.

Walking to the Ruins Can be Expensive

For those individuals who have traveled to Peru, they know that it is not cheap to travel there, obtain accommodations, and get around in the country. More specifically, the train tickets alone to the city of Cusco can cost you upwards of $100 USD or more, depending on the time of year and tourist season. In addition, you will need to pay for your entry into the area of Machu Picchu, which can cost you about $50 USD per person. Since the massive slopes of the Inca ruins will take you up about 2,000 feet, the bus ride up and down the mountains will also cost you. However, you can avoid paying this travel cost if you are open and willing to walk the trail instead of taking a bus. That said, you will need to be prepared to climb for about 90 minutes before you are able to enjoy the extraordinary views from one the peaks. Thus, dishing out the cash to travel up and down might be worth your time and energy if you are not interested in committing to a strenuous climb.

You Do Not Want to Miss the Hidden Museum

One of the most interesting features about Machu Picchu is that you will not find a great deal of information regarding the site, its history, and the people who inhabited this ancient place. For this reason, you will not be able to get a good idea of how and why Machu Picchu was built if you have not done your research before visiting the site. However, there is a hidden museum known as the Museo de Sitio Manuel Chavez Ballon that will allow you to get the information you need to fill in some of those blanks about Machu Picchu. Although the entry fee is eight dollars per person, it is well worth your money to visit this citadel if you wish to learn all there is to know about Peru's most popular national park.


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