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Four Largest and Most Visited Aquariums in the World

The easiest way to understand the enormity of the world's largest aquariums is to first learn how much water goes into a home aquarium. Generally, a home aquarium will hold no more than 30 gallons of water at any given time. Although some aquarists and aquatic-life enthusiasts can have aquariums of over a thousand gallons, they are typically much smaller for an individual owner. In contrast, the following list of aquariums will be significantly larger in size because they will hold some of the world's largest and most exotic animals, such as sharks and whales. That said, here are the five largest, as well as most visited, aquariums on the planet.

1. Georgia Aquarium

Currently standing as the largest aquariums in the world, the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta serves as the home of more than 100,000 exotic sea animals and creatures. This gigantic aquatic home is able to hold an outstanding amount of water, approximately 6,3 million gallons in specific. This magnificent structure opened in November 2005, with most thanks going to Home Depot's co-founder Bernie Marcus who provided $250 million through donations to support its construction.

2. Dubai Mall Aquarium

As part of the development of the Burj Dubai Complex, which is one of the largest shopping malls in the world, the Dubai Mall Aquarium was built and placed at its center. Now standing as the main attraction in this enormous mall, the Dubai Mall Aquarium is able to hold over 2.6 million gallons of water and serve as the home to over 33,000 aquatic creatures. Through this 20-billion-dollar project, over 400 sharks and manta rays were purchased for the purpose of being showcased in the Dubai Mall Aquarium.

3. Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

The Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium is located in Japan, more specifically in the Ocean Expo Park. Although there is more than one tank in this aquarium, the largest tank is known as the Kuroshio Sea, and it can hold over 1.9 gallons of water. When the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium opened in 2002, it was known for having the largest panel in the world measuring at 27 by 74 feet and 24 inches thick. However, the Dubai Mall Aquarium has since beat that record when a panel measuring 27 by 208 feet and 30 inches thick was installed in 2010.

4. L'Oceanographic

L'Oceanographic can be found in Valencia, which is located on the east coast of Spain and just south of Barcelona. This aquarium was built as part of a marine complex that now serves as the home to habitats of all kinds. In fact, L'Oceanographic was built as part of a separate complex that was meant to represent the arts and sciences of the city of Valencia in Spain. With an ability to hold over 1.8 million gallons of water, this unique marine complex is home to over 45,000 aquatic animals and sea creatures. One of the most unique aspects of this aquarium can be found in its structure as there are nine water towers in which these creatures can be found. Additionally, there are two underwater towers that are used to support two different marine ecosystems so that various types of creatures and plant life can exist.


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