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Although the summer months are considered the ideal time to go on a trip to an exotic destination, it is important to consider the weather in this destination that you wish to visit. More specifically, there are several areas of Caribbean that are known as "hot spots" for extreme tropical storms and hurricanes. Although 2013-2014 has not been overly active for hurricanes, it is important to consider the likelihood of these storms coming at a time when you have booked your vacation. Thus, you will want to consider the following list of hurricane hot spots before you plan your next vacation to a potentially dangerous destination.

The Bahamas

In the region of the islands that make up the Bahamas, hurricanes are commonly found to occur between the months of June and November. Since June marks the beginning of summer, it is difficult to plan a trip to this region without incurring some risk of a hurricane hitting the region during your vacation. However, hoteliers in the Bahamas have tried to accommodate travelers who choose to visit during this period. More specifically, some hotels will have a policy in place that allows you to cancel your trip and receive a full refund if a hurricane hits during your planned vacation.

St. Marten

In 2008, a vicious hurricane hit the beaches of St. Marten causing damage to the hotels and beach homes in the area. However, the region has adjusted to these types of situations and warnings were sent out well in advance to notify travelers of the coming hurricane. Similar to the Bahamas, the hurricane season officially starts in June and ends during the month of November. This means traveling to St. Martin between these months can be risky and requires some advance planning to ensure your vacation is not interrupted by a tropical storm. Thus, the best time to travel to this region of the world is during the month of May.


Similar to the hotel policies in the Bahamas, a hurricane guarantee may be offered by hotels in Bermuda which allows travelers to cancel their trips to this region in the case that a hurricane is on its way during their planned vacation. Generally, no penalty is included in this type of offer because the hoteliers want to be as accommodating as possible to travelers so that they return during an off-peak season for hurricanes. Moreover, it is important to consider the likelihood of hurricanes during the time in which you plan your vacation. In this region, Bermuda is likely to be affected by a hurricane at least every six to seven years. With that said, you may be able to completely avoid a hurricane if one has recently hit the region before you plan your trip.

Turks & Caicos

The area of Turks and Caicos is made up of 40 islands and quays, and only eight of these islands are inhabited by people. According to the most accurate geographical maps, these islands are located in the Atlantic Ocean, which brings in different types of weather systems in comparison to those that affect the islands located in the Caribbean Sea. That said, hurricane season is the same for these islands as those of the Caribbean. From June to November, you will want to consider the likelihood of a hurricane hitting this region before planning your next vacation. Although hurricanes do not occur frequently, they have the potential to completely wipe out any signs of habitation on these small islands when they do occur.


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