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As a new divorcee, it may feel like there is no better time to take a vacation and get some time away for yourself. Although coming out of a marriage can be an expensive legal process, it is important to invest some of that money into your personal recovery from this stressful and emotional type of situation. The following article will provide you with some of the popular vacation destinations for new divorcees, like you, who are looking for a place to relax and rejuvenate.

Cooking Authentic Italian Cuisine in Tuscany

For new singles who enjoy cooking, there are two-night vacation packages that will allow you to visit the exotic and unique area of Tuscany in Italy. Through this package, you will be able to take part in cooking classes that will teach you the secrets and professional techniques used in making authentic Italian dishes. At the Villa San Michele, you will the hotel surrounded by large vineyards and local farms, which means that you will have access to only the freshest ingredients and the most authentic wines made in Tuscany.

Practicing Yoga in St. Barth

Through a six-night vacation package, you can choose to relax and meet others like you who are interested in taking yoga and meditation classes. At the Yoga Retreat offered by Hotel Isle de France, you will also be able to enjoy Thai massage and other forms of natural treatment. Although your vacation will be structured to focus on relaxation, you will have the opportunity to meet other singles who are looking to rejuvenate at the retreat. Additionally, you will also have free time to enjoy the gardens, trails, and nature of this serene area, which is situated on the island of St. Barth.

Exploring the Safaris in Botswana

As an animal lover, there may be no better way for you to spend your vacation than taking a cruise through the African safari in Botswana. In specific, you can spend one week or more in the Abercrombie & Kents Safari and learn about the various exotic animals that live within the confines of the Chobe National Park. For instance, you can see leopards, hyenas, and African elephants in their natural habitats. If you wish to see more of the park area, you can also take river cruises, guided walks through the forested areas, and/or take advantage of the luxury camps that have been organized for you in advance.

Traveling Back in Time to Ancient China

Abercrombie & Kents is a tour organization that does not only cater to vacations in Africa. You can also take advantage of a two-week vacation that involves taking a trip back in time to the period of Ancient China. Through this organized vacation for singles, you can meet other singles who are interested in history and learning about this unique part of Asia. In particular, you can visit different locations such as the Jade Buddha Temple or the Forbidden City in Beijing. If you wish to dive further into history, you can also choose to visit the Terracotta Warrior in Xian. No matter where you go, you can travel either by guided tour or private transportation. Thus, solo-sightseeing will not be a problem if you just want to enjoy some alone time on your vacation.


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