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Although drinking in public is not typically legal in most parts of the United States, the actual law in the country states that the possession of open containing holding alcohol is 100 percent prohibited. Thus, the law states that you cannot be in the possession of anything holding alcohol in public, which means drinking it is not necessarily included in the specific details of this law. Despite this, there are some cities in the United States in which you can consume alcohol openly in the streets. Why not take advantage of this unlawful activity during your next vacation? Whether you are traveling alone or with your partner, drinking in public can be a fun and unique experience that you will surely want to try at some point in your life.


In the city of Savannah, locals and visitors alike are permitted to drink out in public as they enjoy walking around the open city streets. Savannah is well known for its Historic District near the center of downtown, and this is a particularly popular destination for visitors to the city. However, there are two conditions that you must respect if you wish to walk the streets openly with an alcoholic beverage. First, your drinks must be placed in an open plastic container, and you cannot be holding more than 16 ounces of an alcoholic beverage at one time.


Similar to Georgia, Montana does not have any open container laws, so it is up to the city to decide which rules and conditions can be put in place. In the city of Butte, you are allowed to walk around the city with an alcoholic beverage. However, there has been some controversy about this open-mindedness when it comes to drinking in public, but no open container laws have been able to stick in this city of Montana.


The city of Memphis is one of the most popular tourist attraction for individuals who are visiting Tennessee and also for visitors to the United States. As the "home of the blues," Tennessee is well known for its rich culture, drinking atmosphere, and love for the genre of blues music. On Beale Street, in particular, a special permission has been given that allows visitors to openly consume alcohol on the street. In contrast to Savannah in Georgia, there is no limit as to how much you can be holding at one time. In some cases, individuals have been seen carrying more than one gallon of alcohol at a time.


Kansas city is a popular tourist attraction for visitors of Missouri, and this popularity can be attributed to the Kansas City Power and Light District. More specifically, this area of Kansas city is well known for its shopping center and entertainment district. Consisting of more than nine blocks, visitors can enjoy long walks through the city's most popular area with alcoholic beverages in hand. However, it is important to note that drinking in public is banned outside of this district.


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