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With Spring Break fast approaching and the summer vacation in the back of people’s minds, thoughts of what resort or country to visit starts to run through your mind.

There is loads of information about thousands of different vacation destinations on the Internet, in magazines and newspapers and it is a good idea to do your research before deciding where you are going to spend your money.

However, there are loads of interesting and unusual facts about different countries and places that you are probably not even aware of. Have a look at the information below.


·      The US has no official language

·      America has over 30% of all the world’s airports

·      San Francisco – If you feed the pigeons here, you are breaking the law!

·      Honolulu – Has the only Royal Palace in the US.

·      Las Vegas – Did you know that casinos in Las Vegas don’t have any clocks?

·      New York – The Statue of Liberty was given to America in 1884 by the country of France


The most overweight country in the world in 2012 was Australia, with a not so impressive 26% obesity.

In 1902, Australia gave women the vote – the second country in the world to do this.


·      Canada is a larger country than Australia – nearly 30% bigger.

·      The coastline of Canada stretches 125,566 miles, making it the longest coastline in the world.

Chile - There is a swimming pool in San Alfonso del Mar that measures an incredible 1km in length

France - It may be hard to believe, but France is the most popular country for foreign visitors in the world

Hong Kong – This city has the highest amount of Rolls Royce cars per capita in the world

Mexico City – Forget Venice, this city is sinking 10 times faster than Venice. Every year it sinks by 0.10 cm.

Saudi Arabia - There are absolutely no rivers to be found in Saudi Arabia

Singapore - There are no farms in Singapore

South Africa – Exports an awful lot of fruit, making them the second largest exporter in the world.


·      Spain has a very impressive 8,000 km of beaches

·      It is thought to be the most mountainous country in Europe

·      The name “Spain” has the meaning of “the land of rabbits”, which comes from the Spanish word Ispania

Tokyo – For two months every year, the Tokyo Zoo gives the animals a holiday and closes down.

Having the opportunity to travel really does broaden the mind and it can be an incredible experience to visit different countries to experience their culture and way of life. As you can see from this list, there is so much to discover out there, so if you get the opportunity to travel, grab it with both hands. Just look at all the youngsters nowadays – they often take a year or two out to visit far away countries and return home enriched and educated by the experience.


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