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Individuals who have been searching for a good card to use to accumulate points and redeem for travel have often dealt with the concern of whether a bank travel card or an airline travel card are the best options for providing them with the better value. A report by IdeaWorksCompany last week suggests that comparing both of the cards between each other is thought to be very difficult. More specifically, it said it left researchers feeling “dazed and often confused by asterisks and small print.”

The easier answer is that airline co-branded cards, like the United Mileage Plus Explorer Visa Signature or American Airlines Citi Platinum Select Advantage Visa Signature cards provide more advantages for people who want to have long haul and premium class rewards. However, getting domestic travel seems to be for people who want the bulk of their reward activity and bank travel reward cards like the American Express Blue Sky Preferred and Barclaycard Arrival World MasterCard tend to be more suitable. This is said to be because of the amount of simple and effective promises to people seeking to travel at anytime throughout the airlines by these methods.

People who are more curious about what these cards have to offer and some of the other statistics associated with the study can find out more information on the IdeaWorksCompany website. It’s an ideal read for those who want more details about what they can expect from these types of cards and those who need more help in determining which option may be the most suitable for them and their own needs. Clearly, it’s not specific in stating whether one card is better than the other, because it acknowledges that everyone has their own travel problems and concerns, as well as their own travel needs. However, what the study is great for is providing people with information about some of the little known aspects that are commonly associated with both types of cards, which ultimately is great for helping figure out which option may be the most ideal for those trips abroad or even those casual domestic travel types.

Although people have been searching for information for years which would direct them towards choosing bank travel cards or airline travel cards over each other, the concern about which one would be the more reasonable or valuable has not yet been put asunder. Mainly, people are challenged to determine what type of traveling they do the most, as well as taking some consideration into what type of values they want to enjoy on a regular basis by the use of having a card. When these elements are determined, it makes it far more easier to figure out which card may be the most helpful – though many people may simply want to opt for using both cards on a regular basis instead.


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