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If you’re searching for a travel destination that is guaranteed to be eco friendly, you may want to consider stopping by Hotel Cariblue during a future trip. One of the elements that makes this location quite special is the amount of unique creatures that roam in and out throughout the five-acres of grounds that are available. This includes animals like monos, perzosos, colibris, ranas, and many other unique animals which are developed throughout the residential jungle like area. The resort has been given three stars for comfort and luxury while also being granted the “three leaf” ecological rating from the Costa Rican Tourism Institute.

The rooms here are much different than your general idea of luxury. The “Superior Bungalow” room is very comfortable and provides a nice place to rest for around $125 to $145 a night. It’s built into dark hardwood boards and many of them just have bunk beds. Most of the rooms have real windows and air conditioning and feature 31 inch LCD televisions for your entertainment. If you want to enjoy more of that jungle feel that the location has to offer, you can option he windows and lie on the hammock that’s available on the porch.

Some other boarding options for this resort features hotel styled rooms that are more like $95 to $185 per room, where more less likely to feel as if you’re in a cabin. There’s also an entire house area which would rent for around $270 to $285, which is a great option if you are wanting to have a beach party or something unique like that. The prices include breakfasts and a ‘coctel de bienvenido’ when you have checked in.

The ecological rating is generally due to the intense recycling program that is present at the location. Every week, the hotel separates and recycles hundreds of pounds of what might be potential garbage by most standards. The ground keepers are also focusing on growing vegetables that can be prepared in the restaurant and composting organic material so that it will be able to feed the garden. It’s the result of one of many training sessions that the management still offers to their hotel and restaurant employees. Additionally, they have a new menu which was recently developed, an indoor-outdoor plaza that has expanded throughout the years to cover the front lobby, a white tablecloth dining room, kids play area, three bars, and a hall for those who like to play ping pong or billiards.

For those who are vegan, the resort provides suggestions of great places to eat and visit while in the area. People visiting only need to share that they are vegetarian or vegan to get insight into some of the best and healthiest food options available during their stay within the resort, making it clear that the owners truly take a personal interest in the people who choose to stay.

This is just one of many Eco-Friendly locations that travelers can visit. For a full list of similar locations speak to your travel agent or AAA representative.


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